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business rules implementation

I am pleased to be the instructor for the upcoming BPMInstitute.org Decision Modeling with DMN course. This course is schedule is take place at the Hilton Arlington on Tuesday, September 27 and is part of a 4-day training event hosted by BPMInsittute.org. In this course I will discuss the primary goal of DMN, which is [...]

As part of our ongoing “Meet our Partners Series” I caught up with Claye Greene of TechBlue, a Decision Management Solutions partner. Claye and I made this recording of a webinar on legacy modernization. Please describe your current role and title and tell us a little about your company I’m Claye Greene, Managing Director of TechBlue. TechBlue is [...]

I am giving a webinar on the advantages of a decision management approach to business rules implementations March 27, 9am Pacific/Noon Eastern. I will demonstrate how defining decision requirements adds an entirely new dimension to requirements modeling making it: Easier to get the requirements right Easier to draw the automation boundaries Easier to re-use, evolve and [...]

A new white paper is posted to Decision Management Solutions company site, “Maximizing the Value of Business Rules – Decision Management streamlines and focuses business rules projects for faster, more effective deployment“. Summary: Business rules management systems deliver on the promise of costs savings, agility and happy customers. Yet for many companies, business rules efforts remain point [...]