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It’s the end of day 1 of the Business Rules Forum/Enterprise Decision Management Summit and time to write a wrap up post for the day – no live blogging today as I have too much on as track chair to sit behind my keyboard! Today I got to attend Jim Sinur’s keynote and sessions from [...]

A crossover session combining WebSphere BPM and Cognos BI.  Linking BI and BPM allows you to leverage insight from your information across multiple applications and processes. You can extend process execution data to BI users, you can improve decision points within your process using BI and you can enhance business activity monitoring with BI. The [...]

I got an update from Ishmael Ghalimi at Intalio this week. I have blogged about Intalio a few times, including a set of posts from their user group – check out the intalio tag. Intalio is a company built on a variant of the open source model with 80% of their code in open source, [...]

The folks from Cordys presented their view of the new business operations platform. Current systems development is in the context of four key game-changing trends: Consumerization Not just technology but can deliver business processes as services using the Internet Commoditization Virtualization Not just of hardware but of processes and teams Globalization In this environment, processes [...]

Dan Oneufer talked about the use of Intalio BPMS in Pennsylvania. The Pennsylvania Justice Network has been established a long time and manages many aspects of the state justice system. However the counties are not well integrated into this network. Allegheny County, his example, is about 10% of the state and pretty rural. It has [...]

Charles Nicholls of SeeWhy was up next, talking about Turbocharging business rules with BI 2.0. Charles wrote a nice little eBook called In Search of Insight (it’s free and you can download it here). I have also blogged about SeeWhy a couple of times – here and here. Charles defined BI 2.0 as a business [...]

John Trigg over on the Apama blog had a post today – The Opportunity for Business Intelligence: Is it Evolution or Revolution? – that made me think about Complex Event Processing(CEP) and Decision Mangement. Many of the posts I see about CEP, like John’s, are trying to compare CEP with BI and so-called Operational BI [...]