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analytic database

I got an update from Actian about their new announcement recently. Actian recently acquired ParAccel (reviewed here) and Pervasive (see my reviews of RushAnalyzer and DataRush) and for 2014 they are bringing all this IP together into a new Actian Analytic Platform. Actian is now a $140m company with strong profits and 10,000+ customers including [...]

Update – Zementis

I got a chance to catch up with Zementis. I last got an update from them on the product back in May 2010 when they released 3.0 with their support of Drools as well as PMML. Zementis is reporting good momentum with large customers such as the US Army and Verizon as well as a [...]

Revolution Analytics and Netezza have recently announced a partnership. Netezza has a strong history of being associated with customers that are focused on “big data” problems and advanced analytics. As a result they have been delivering in-database analytics to bring these analytics closer to the data. Their approach allows customers and partners to bring Java, [...]

Teradata announced its intent to acquire Aster Data today. Obviously this is big news in analytics-land and I participated in a call where the two companies gave some quick information. The driver for the acquisition seems t be an increasing focus on generally unstructured and untapped data and expanding the Teradata portfolio into this adjacent [...]

I am presenting at an Aster Data (see my Aster Data first look here) sponsored webinar on how to Turn your data into big $$$: What you Need to make this Easy! Big data is crushing your systems, and keeping up with ever-increasing storage costs is becoming a challenging task. But there are even more [...]

First Look – ParAccel 3.0

The folks at ParAccel announced their 3.0 product recently (details on ParAccel 3.0 here). As I haven’t written about them before, some background first. ParAccel is one of the new class of MPP columnar analytic databases designed to address the challenges raised by the vast volumes implied in the phrase “big data”, the increasing complexity [...]

First Look – Calpont InfiniDB

I got my first chance to catch up with Calpont recently. Calpont is a privately held company based in Frisco TX with 25 employees. They have been developing their analytics database technology over the past 2.5 years. InfiniDB Enterprise is the commercial product released in February 2010 and InfiniDB GPL version was launched in October [...]