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Another solution session, this time Bob and Rick from IBM focused on IBM’s Signature Solution for Counter-Fraud, Waste and Abuse.  This is a classic Decision Management use case so I am looking forward to this one. Most fraud, they point out, is committed by insiders and goes undetected for 18 months. Frauds are also becoming a [...]

SAS customers and fraud detection

Another customer panel courtesy of SAS. This one had Rex Pruitt from Premier Bankcard (I blogged about how Premier put predictive analytics to work and Rex presented at Predictive Analytics World), Chris Swecker formerly of the FBI/Bank of America, Cameron Jones SAS’ Chief Compliance Officer and was moderated by Ellen Joyner. Fraud, obviously, is a [...]

Another session on the integration of ILOG’s products with WebSphere, this time focused on the integration of WebSphere Business Events and rules.  Business Events are defined here as any electronic signal indicating a change of state. Business Event Processing is the sensing of patterns in these events that show an actionable situation has arisen and [...]

A reader asked me to blog about GRC – governance, risk and compliance – this week and, in particular, the difference between IT governance and true business governance or what is broadly known as GRC. I have been thinking about this and will write some more posts when I get back from vacation but, for [...]

One of the most interesting uses of enterprise decision management or EDM is in automating detection of various kinds of “bad” activity. Whether the concern du jour is insider trading, money laundering or just plain old fraud. There are a number of reasons why EDM is such a powerful approach. Automation is fundamentally the best [...]