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agile compliance

I had no slides for my session but I thought I would post my notes or outline: I have just written a new book called Decision Management Systems about a class of system not widely deployed in organizations. They’re not new systems – I have been talking about them and helping people build them for [...]

SOA and BPM with IDC

Second session at IDC Directions today and I am listening to Maureen Fleming and Sandy Rogers talking about SOA and BPM. IDC takes the position that this is about a need for agile systems and that BPM and SOA are part of how organizations can address this need. Of course, having just come from a [...]

I dropped by the IDC Directions event today and saw two presentations. First up was Kathy Wilhide talking about Governance, Risk and Compliance or GRC as it is known. The GRC market has grown from a need for higher levels of confidence in financial and operational information. As compliance is not built into most existing [...]

I am now back from the Business Rules Forum, after a long delay in Denver, and catching up on my blog posts. First session on Thursday morning was Hugh Taylor talking about Agile Compliance. It was very early and Hugh tells us that he was thrown up all over on the plane down! The room [...]