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New Rexer Analytic survey for you to take


The new Rexer Analytics data miner survey is out. I recently blogged about the results of the last one and it is definitely worth participating as the survey is a great source of information about the data mining and predictive analytics industry. And don’t forget to tell your friends about it too – send them here and ask them to use the same access code. You can even post about it on blogs or in newsletters – the more the merrier. The survey should take approximately 20 minutes to complete.

Survey Link: www.RexerAnalytics.com/Data-Miner-Survey-2011-Intro2.html
Access Code:  KJ16W

Thanks to everyone who participated in previous Data Miner Surveys –  as always the survey incorporates many ideas from past survey participants. If you would like a summary of this year’s survey findings emailed to you, there will be a place at the end of the survey to leave your email address.  You can also email DataMinerSurvey@RexerAnalytics.com if you have any questions about this research or to request research summaries.  Here are links to the highlights of the previous years’ surveys.


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