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Business rules and analytics on the cloud! Finally! Seriously, the folks at Zementis have long had their PMML deployment engine running on the amazon.com compute cloud and have had an on-premise solution that combines business rules (based on Drools) and PMML.  ADAPA – Adaptive Decision and Predictive Analytics – is the Zementis product that manages [...]

Syndicated from BeyeNetwork My friends at Zementis have just launched support for executing predictive analytic models in Excel – check out Predictive Analytics at your fingertips: Scoring data in Microsoft Office Excel. While not, exactly, a high-volume transaction environment, Excel is an interesting place for executing predictive models and I like the way the folks [...]

Neil Raden and I helped write an article for Teradata Magazine – Prepare for impact – and you can find it online as part of Teradata Magazine Online. The article came out of some research on decisioning technology that Neil and I did together. You can download it from Teradata or from Decision Management Solutions.

Mike Zeller of Zementis is hosting an interesting panel for those of you attending the summer KDD in Paris (details here). The panel is going to discuss PMML with a particular focus on the practical use of statistical algorithms, reliable production deployment of models and the integration of predictive analytics within other systems Check out [...]

Neil Raden of Hired Brains and I have just published a new report on the Technology for Operational Decision Making. You can get the executive summary from my company site or register and download the full report. The report will also be available from the sponsors – without whom the report would not have happened. [...]

First Look – KNIME

I got a chance to chat with the folks from KNIME recently to discuss their workbench. KNIME is essentially a workbench to define the pipeline of operations you want throw at your data, typically as part of doing analytic work. It allows you to do complex things to the data and document your process – [...]

First Look – WorkXpress 2

I got a chance to see a pre-release demonstration of WorkXpress 2.0, announced today, some weeks back. WorkXpress are focused on customized business application software for large and small businesses. About 7 years ago they started building out what we would now call a Platform-as-a-Service or PaaS offering and have had customers for about 5 [...]

Syndicated from Smart Data Collective Natasha Balac from UC San Diego and Michael Zeller from Zementis (their product was blogged here and their support for the amazon.com compute cloud was discussed here) presented on the use of Medicare and Medicaid data to detect and prevent fraud. The high computing center at UC San Diego (San [...]

Predictions for 2009

I just went back to check and found no predictions on the blog for 2008 (so I get a 100% accuracy rating with no errors) so I thought I would make some for 2009. In no particular order then: Cloud computing will impact decision management. There are already at least two decision management vendors offering [...]

More analytics in the cloud

Having posted about Zementis – a company that allows you to deploy analytic models into the amazon coud – before I now see that Mathematica is getting in on this whole cloud thing. Personally I think that analytics and decisioning are ideal for operating in the cloud. Analytics take a lot of computing power when [...]

PMML – The Predictive Modeling Markup Language – is the primary XML format for describing predictive analytic models so that a modeling tool can share a model with either another modeling tool or, more usefully, with a deployment environment. The folks over at KDNuggets recently ran a poll asking their readers about their use of [...]

Zementis has recently announced its ADAPA predictive analytics edition for the Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud. This essentially allows you to deploy PMML (Predictive Model Markup Language, an XML format for defining predictive analytic models) on the Amazon compute cloud. Based on their Enterprise Edition (which has PMML deployment, reporting and business rules (using Drools), this [...]

ILOG today announced a Scorecard modeler as an add-on for ILOG JRules ® (which I first saw at DIALOG). As their press release says, this add-in allows customers to “incorporate statistical scorecard models directly into decision services” – a key tenet of enterprise decision mangement or EDM. ILOG is targeting financial institutions clearly but apparently [...]

First Look – Zementis ADAPA

A little while ago I got to talk to Mike Zeller and his team at Zementis about their decision management platform – ADAPA, what they call a predictive analytics decision engine. ADAPA stands for Adaptive Decision And Predictive Analytics. The folks at Zementis started trying to solve a fairly common problem in organizations adopting data [...]