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First Look Tavant

Some weeks back I got a review on Tavant, a 700 person IT services and solutions company with a focus in financial services (mortgage, trading and security), ebusiness and Service Operations such as warranty management. I was interested in their warranty product as part of my research into the warranty claims space. The product – [...]

Continuing some posts on next generation warranty systems in the build up to speaking at the Warranty Chain management conference I thought I would contrast how current generation warranty systems handle critical decisions with how next generation systems do so. Decision Today Next Generation Is Claim Valid? Data validation rules are coded into the user [...]

I am going to speaking next week at the Warranty Chain Management Conference (registration is still open) on Next Generation Warranty Systems. I hope to post a couple of product reviews (like the SAS Warranty one already posted) this week but I thought I could also talk a little about my topic. The basic premise [...]

SAS Warranty Solutions First Look

Some weeks ago I got a chance to review the SAS Warranty Analysis product. I was doing some due-diligence before my speech on “Next Generation Warranty Systems” to the Warranty Chain Management Conference in April.  The folks from SAS began with an Aberdeen quote from 2006: Warranty analytics is the number one differentiator between Best [...]

Charlie Berger and some others presented on using data mining for fraud detection. Fraud is a huge issue – for instance there is $31B annually in insurance claims fraud (10-15%) with 25% of all claims have some fraud and more than 1 in 3 bodily-injury claims from car crashes involving fraud. Other industries have similar [...]

I have been an iRobot customer since Christmas. Much as I like their products, their customer service decision making leaves a lot to be desired. This particular post was prompted by their inconsistent warranty decision management. iRobot has outsourced its call center, as many companies have, and sound like they want to deliver excellent customer [...]