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First post in my series of posts on using EDM to thrive in a recession. Let’s start with the easy stuff – companies always look to reduce and control business costs in a recession so how can EDM help you do this? One of the costs many businesses carry, almost without thinking, is a certain [...]

Alan Weiss of Travelers and Brian Stucky of InScope presented on Reaping the Benefits of Rules through SOA and Business Rule Management at Travelers. Travelers is a Fortune 100 insurance carrier and Alan is part of a group focused on moving control over processing into the business. The key purpose of business rules in this [...]

Paul Armborst, someone I have known for a long time, was up after lunch talking on True Adventures in Business Rules. Paul is from Westfield Group, a top 50 insurance company based in Ohio. Back in the 1990s needed to transform their business – from a mainframe/back office company to one where agents could serve [...]