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I got an update from Oracle on Oracle Data Mining (ODM) recently. ODM is an in-database data mining and predictive analytics engine that allows you to build and use advanced predictive analytic models on data that can be accessed through your Oracle data infrastructure. I blogged about ODM extensively last year in this First Look [...]

Deepak Advani kicked off day 2. SPSS was acquired by IBM in 2009 and, like all acquisitions, has to report on how well it has met the expectations set at acquisition time. SPSS has beaten every target set for it at acquisition and reviews have apparently been a “bit of a love fest”. SPSS has [...]

A reader of my company’s newsletter recently emailed me and asked me if I could highlight the difference in how one approaches building a predictive model when compared to more “traditional” descriptive models. And why the approaches are different. He went on to say that he had a colleague who insists that developing aggregate statistical [...]

First Look – Tibco Spotfire

I got an update from TIBCO Spotfire recently, with my usual focus on operational decisions. Spotfire aim at what they call the analysis gap. Their customers typically have applications that are tailored and customized but too expensive to change, reporting that is widely distributed but inefficient (prompting users to use additional tools when needs change) [...]

I just heard that a major Predictive Analytics software company (not SAS) is looking to hire a consultant in the Southeast to support their Sales and Consulting efforts. They need someone with significant statistics knowledge along with experience working directly with Predictive Models. If you are interested in learning more about this opening, contact George [...]

Happy world statistics day!

It turns out that today is World Statistics Day (according to my friends at SAS, who have a page all about it). The focus of the day is on the value of official statistics. So, if you are working for a governmental or non-governmental statistics organization, have a nice day :-) If you don’t work [...]

First Look – Aster Data

I listened in to the Boulder BI Brain Trust briefing from Aster some weeks back and then got a follow-on update last week. Aster was founded in 2005 based on research performed by a team at Stanford. The initial plan was to develop a data management platform based on commodity hardware and this was released [...]

First Look – Microsoft Analytics

I got an update from Microsoft recently. We covered lots of different products in and around data/analytics – some public, some under NDA. Microsoft is making a serious investment in SQL Server as well as into SharePoint and Excel. BI tools, they say, are not getting to most people and Microsoft sees this as an [...]

SAS today announced SAS Rapid Predictive Modeler today. Some time ago I got a pre-release look at this most interesting product. Today SAS sees quantitative modelers working on developing and validating models in conjunction with database architects to manage data preparation tasks. Like me they also find that business analysts work on the application of [...]

First Look – DataInfoCom

I caught up with DataInfoCom recently – a research-oriented software company headquartered in Austin, Texas. Their focus is on what they call Predictive Decision Management. Their software product, OSMOSYS, delivers predictive decisioning over the Internet – Decisions as a Service or DaaS as I call it. Their customers include a couple of well known, Fortune [...]

Lyzasoft Update

Some weeks back I got an update from Lyzasoft but I have not been able to post it until now. I first wrote about Lyzasoft back in 2009 and since then the company has been busy. The company’s vision remains the same – to create a way for end users to work with BI that [...]

Heard about an interesting job at SAP’s Palo Alto location today: The Global Business Incubator at SAP® is a global organization dedicated to developing innovative businesses targeted at meeting the needs of new market opportunities.  Each of the initiatives is structured like a start-up company, consisting of a small team of individuals responsible for all [...]

I got my first formal briefing from REvolution Computing recently. REvolution has been around for about 2 years. Originally they focused on bringing parallel computing power to R and providing some consulting around the language. They raised some new funding recently and now have a new management team, including CEO Norman Nie (co-founder of SPSS) [...]

I often tell folks that one of the benefits of decision management is that it enables analytic decision making – that is decisions based on accurate analysis of data about what works and what does not – even by people who don’t have any analytic skill. For instance, using analytics to assess the credit risk [...]

Three job openings today. Decision Management Solutions partner Technology Blue is looking for a couple of experienced Blaze Advisor resources for a project starting March 1: Senior Business Analyst: Full time resource with experience in business rule harvesting and analysis, process oriented, able to develop and implement processes, must be comfortable leading knowledge transfer and [...]

Some analytic opportunities

An old friend introduced me to Rex Huston <rhuston@maisearch.com> before the break. Rex is looking for analytics folks for a number of open position. He is seeking highly-skilled and motivated professionals who can effectively assess the strengths and weaknesses of complex, statistically-based models used by top-tier financial services clients for credit risk management, market risk [...]

The folks from SAS gave me a quick update the other day on SAS Enterprise Miner and SAS Model Manager, two of SAS’ data mining/predictive analytics products. I often blog about SAS, as you would expect, but I have not done any product posts. SAS’ Business Analytics Framework is focused on helping organizations find the [...]

Analytic truth and myth

Alison Bolen posted a nice list of analytic truths, or perhaps myths, on the SAS blog today and asked what people thought. I was, of course, unable to resist: To make analytics successful, the CEO has to have a personal interest in it. MYTH While it is true that the only companies I see who [...]

Syndicated from BeyeNetwork I am at the Premier Business Leadership Series, SAS/BetterManagement.com’s event, and I got to attend a great panel on Analytics in the Executive Suite. Barbara Pindar of Aeropostale, Eric Webster of State Farm Insurance, Cameron Davies of Disney and Keith Collins of SAS made up the panel. Each panelist gave a quick introduction: [...]

clario Analytics was founded back in 2002 largely by folks from Fingerhut. The team had been working on mailstream optimization – how to manage catalogs. The best customers of a catalog marketer can get literally 100 catalogs per year and this is not good. Initially a consulting company they raised money in 2006 and launched [...]