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The unrealized power of data

Syndicated from Smart Data Collective Andreas Weigend, former amazon.com Chief Scientist, gave a keynote on the unrealized power of data. He started with a historical perspective. In the 70s perhaps 10M used computers, mostly in the back office. By the 80s this had reached 100M and the front office. By the 90s the internet and [...]

Syndicated from Smart Data Collective Matt Kramer of Axciom and Jun Zhong of Wells Fargo discussed some of the challenges presented by data in the context of predictive models. Matt began by discussing some of the reasons for modeling – reducing costs, avoiding simplistic decisioning, predict attritition, optimize marketing spend etc. Predictive models help by [...]

Syndicated from Smart Data Collective Khosrow Hassibi of KXEN and Will Tangalos of Wells Fargo presented together on the challenges of predictive analytics in the real world and on Wells Fargo as an example of how some of these challenges can be met. Khosrow began with an overview of the basic predictive analytic tasks: Understand [...]

Syndicated from Smart Data Collective Thomas Rose-Bolden from TaxBrain and Joshua Koran of ValueClick presented on visitor targeting. Joshua started discussing targeting. Online marketers try to reach the right visitors in the right context with the right message. A good result for clicking on a banner ad is 1 out of 1,000 so the click [...]

Syndicated from Smart Data Collective Natasha Balac from UC San Diego and Michael Zeller from Zementis (their product was blogged here and their support for the amazon.com compute cloud was discussed here) presented on the use of Medicare and Medicaid data to detect and prevent fraud. The high computing center at UC San Diego (San [...]

Syndicated from Smart Data Collective John Elder presented a collection of case studies to showcase the ROI of data mining. John started by making the point that many of his case studies had technical success but not business success – an interesting statistic. John sees three major ways that predictive analytics can help – streamlining, [...]

Syndicated from Smart Data Collective Anne Milley from SAS, one of the sponsors of the show, spoke on the art and science of better. Data is often messy and the enterprise is not a lab. Nevertheless, she says, we can still bring science to bear. We can observe, define, measure, experiment, learn and ACT. Anne [...]

Syndicated from Smart Data Collective I am blogging live from Predictive Analytics World on behalf of SmartData Collective. Hopefully there will also be some podcasts. First up is Eric Siegel, program chair and President of Prediction Impact for the event. Eric defines predictive analytics as “business intelligence” technology that produces a predictive score for each [...]