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I blogged a couple of internal Oracle sessions on RTD (Oracle Real Time Decisions in e-commerce #oow10, Oracle RTD Roadmap #oow10) and now we get a chance to hear a customer speak – Dell with some help from Objectifi. Octane is Dell’s brand name for their RTD project – the platform has a number of [...]

Karl Rexer of Rexer Analytics sent me a note the other day about some early results of the 3rd Annual Data Miner Survey in the Spring of 2009.  Like the previous surveys (I blogged about the 2008 survey), it  examined data miners’ algorithms and tools, opinions and views, types of data analyzed, challenges encountered, and [...]

Syndicated from b-eye network Last week I was at Predictive Analytics World, a brand new show on the business value of predictive analytics. The show was a great success, I think, as it attracted a decent audience in very tough times and succeeded in bringing together not just those building predictive analytic models, but also [...]

Syndicated from Smart Data Collective John Elder presented a collection of case studies to showcase the ROI of data mining. John started by making the point that many of his case studies had technical success but not business success – an interesting statistic. John sees three major ways that predictive analytics can help – streamlining, [...]

Sodexo provides all sorts of services around food and facilities management. Labor is the number one cost for Sodexo. Each of their businesses, and they have businesses in 7,000 locations, is run somewhat separately. Most staff are hourly, many are unionized and each State has different rules. Tracking and managing hours worked is critical to [...]

On January 28, 2009 I am going to be participating in a webinar with InRule on “Quantifying Improved Decision Management: The Value of Rules“. The webinar is free runs for an hour starting at 8am Pacific (11am Eastern). The webinar will discuss decision management and business rules and the kind of ROI people see. It [...]

A panel of the keynote presenters discussed critical success factors for BI and analytics. Panels are tricky to blog so this is just going to be a list of thoughts generated by the panelists with no attempt to assign them to the individuals. Critical success factors, then, include: You must understand what drives high performance [...]

Last week I saw a post comparing Best Buy and Circuit City – one thriving and one going into bankruptcy – and it made me think about the role of decision management in Best Buy’s success. I have head Best Buy present various times an a number of elements of their successful customer-centricity strategy are [...]

Not really live this post as I am working from notes I took – after all I was on the panel and it’s hard to participate and blog at the same time. Joining me on the panel were Don Baisley of Microsoft, Ron Ross and Jim Sinur (of Gartner) – Neil had to leave. We [...]

Hotwire.com Revenue Management

Darren Koch presented on Hotwire.com’s use of ILOG business rules in revenue management. Summary: Ongoing segmentation and optimization help businesses serve customers Smart testing + flexibility = better service = higher profits Continues to show ROI that is increasing over time Hotwire.com was founded in 1999 to help travel partners (who invested) sell excess inventory [...]

Ronan Bradley had an interesting article on ebizQ this week – Fertile Ground for ROI in BPM: Three Unlikely Areas. In it he outlined some areas of banking where business process management (BPM) could deliver an ROI. Keeping up with regulations In which he points out that “a feature of BPM systems (over custom coded [...]