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I am presenting at a Calpont (see my Calpont first look here) sponsored webinar on Taming the Data Tsunami: Next-Gen Analytics Enable Effective Relationship Marketing. Online advertisers are deluged by an increasingly complex marketplace, exponentially growing data streams, and demands for greater value from online spend. Marketers must employ highly dimensional and granular analytics to [...]

I am attending a few sessions at Oracle OpenWorld this week and the first one is an overview of Oracle Real-Time Decisions (RTD) in e-commerce. I have reviewed RTD 3.0 before. The context for using RTD is that consumers are harder to reach, satisfy and retain – their behavior evolves more quickly, there is more [...]

A decision-centric organization

Syndicated from ebizQ This week I thought I would write about decision-centric organizations. Organizations face many challenges in today’s business climate. Organizations whose success or failure is determined by the decisions they make (which claims to pay, which customers to target, which transactions to investigate for fraud) are handicapped by systems that are centered on [...]

Syndicated from Smart Data Collective I recently hosted a webcast for Smart Data Collective titled “Putting Customer Value to Work: What Predictive Analytics Can Do for Your Bottom Line”. With Korhan Yunak of Vodaphone Group, Anne Milley of SAS Institute and Mike Rote of Teradata Corporation on the panel we discussed how predictive analytics can [...]

First Look – TOA Technologies

I got a quick overview of TOA Technologies recently. TOA Technologies was founded about 5 years ago to solve “the cable guy” problem – customers waiting at home for hours without knowing when the cable guy, or any other appointment, is going to arrive. Their core idea was that they would predict, with a high [...]

Ginger Conlon had a nice post this week – Don’t Blast. Target. – Think customers: The 1to1 Blog. many marketers are still drawn to the ease of blasting to a broad audience, instead of targeting for maximum impact among those most likely to respond If you are trying to make this transition from blasting to [...]

Salesforce is getting smarter

Decision Management Solutions attended the Santa Clara Cloudforce 2009 event yesterday and heard CEO Marc Benioff present “Welcome to the Real-time Cloud” in which he introduced some great features in their spring 2009 release and demonstrated, once again, that salesforce.com is paying attention. Salesforce.com has clearly realized that the next step for enterprise applications like [...]

Syndicated from ebizQ Tom Davenport had a post today on Microdecisions for Macro Impact that pointed out on the key benefits of decision management, with its focus on operational decisions: If you can identify a few key microdecisions that can be addressed and improved, you can often dramatically improve performance. “Micro decisions” is a phrase [...]

Great post by Elana Anderson – What Will Campaign Management Be Like In 2020? « NxtERA Marketing Blog. I have long believed that improved campaign management, like improved customer experience and improved marketing, requires a greater focus on customer treatment decisions. I have blogged before about the role of decision management in campaign management (in [...]

1:1 Marketing works for the NHL

Interesting article on how the NHL used the power of personalization and targeting (or extreme personalization) to improve results. It does not talk about how they do this but clearly they have made things like the front cover choice for their catalog and key elements of their web presence decisions so they can make them [...]

Tim Walters of Forrester had an interesting post this week – Is Web Personalization Now A Matter Of “Thurvival”? in which he emphasized that, even in a downturn, getting better at web personalization has a payoff. Now I think personalization is a good thing and the evidence that it results in more engagement, better results [...]

I live in Palo Alto and a new Mountain Mike’s Pizza has just opened up near us. Much as we like MM pizza we have two problems – we like wholewheat dough and, as several members of my family are lactose/milk intolerant, soy cheese. If you have visited or live in Palo Alto you will [...]

Segmentation and product design

Scott had a great article on segmentation and personas this week that is a nice, quick read. I think the use of analytics in persona design can make a big difference (as I have noted before) and that decision management can use good customer segmentation as a first step towards extreme personalization. If you are [...]

1:1 had a nice piece on the growing role of loyalty programs in retail. This noted the “Growing sophistication in loyalty programs” among retailers and, in particular, the use of loyalty program data not just to calculate lifetime customer value but also to build competitive advantage. This second aspect is the one I always find [...]

Chris Skinner wrote a nice little piece on the Future Call Center over on the swift community. He had some nice examples, though he was focused on how the future call center might be using video. What struck me, though, was that decision making is critical to his example. Neither the avatar nor the video-linked [...]

Ed Garry of Oracle wrote a piece for Wall Street and Technology called Analytics Help Firms Turn Data Into Opportunity that I found last week. In it Ed talks about Real Time Decisioning platforms that “deliver both rules and predictive analytics to power solutions for real-time enterprise decision management”. Ed is, of course, correct though [...]

Is Self-Service good or bad?

Ellen Goodman of the Boston Globe had a column “Self-serve and slave” (that I saw in the San Jose Mercury News as “In a self-serve nation, work gets dumped on us“) in which she rails against self-service and compares it to the outsourcing of work from paid employees to us consumers. As she says: For [...]

Some time ago I saw an article that discussed the 8Ps (4 old, 4 new) of Marketing. It seemed to me that decision making, especially operational/transactional decision making is critical to most of these Ps. Here, then, is my summary of the 8Ps and why decisions, and decision management, matter. 4 Ps Product You might [...]

The WSJ had a little piece today on personalization – Personalized Emails Are Creepy, Not Effective based on a study done some time ago but still very relevant in today’s market where companies are being told to personalize (including by me). Here are three quotes I think summarize the problem: [there is a negative] response [...]

Three articles on loyalty caught my eye this week. First 1:1 had a nice piece on Loyalty Equals Growth for Sony. Sony is a company to which many people are already loyal so it was interesting to see that a formal loyalty program was still a priority for them. Talking about their combined CRM and [...]