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performance management

Right Time Business Optimization

Syndicated from Smart Data Collective Mike Ferguson presented on Right Time Business Optimization using on-demand and event-driven analytics at the Teradata Partners conference. Business optimization, Mike says, is about continuously knowing what is the best action to take and when to take it in every business process to dynamically keep a business running optimally while [...]

Customer intimacy #bas2010

Customer intimacy is a hot topic these days. Customers are getting more complex because not only are they using multiple channels but because they have multiple online personalities – work, home, on behalf of a parent or child and so on. The fact that consumers trust each other (78%) but not ads (13% trust for [...]

First Look – BEZ

I got a briefing from BEZ recently, after Claudia Imhoff (@claudia_imhoff) referred them to me. BEZ has historically worked on the IT side of organizations, using predictive analytics to take historical data about system performance and transactions and use it to predict application response times, throughput, utilization of resources etc. BEZ compares itself to a [...]

Update – SAS Model Manager

I got an update from SAS on SAS Model Manager recently. The new release came out August 17 alongside a new release of SAS Enterprise Miner and has some interesting new features. SAS Model Manager, as I noted in my previous review, supports the analytic model deployment lifecycle (from registering candidate models through validation, deployment, [...]

I am speaking at the Bay Area Metrics User Group (MUG) and Metrics Special Interest Group (MSIG) meeting on Performance Management & Agility – Wednesday June 2 3, 6-8pm. Significant investments have been made in performance management systems that purport to enable organizations to manage better day to day but also to govern change. These [...]

First Look – Verix

I got my first look at Verix recently. Verix targets the commercial side of Pharmaceutical companies – sales first, then managed care and then marketing. They are trying to shift the burden of analysis work from sales managers, sales consultants to automated systems. They started with a core analytic competency and it evolved over time [...]

I presented on the role of decision management in adding agility to Performance Management to the BI SIG of the SDForum last night. Here are the slides and Paul O’Rorke blogged a summary. Performance management and agilty View more presentations from Decision Management Solutions.

Panel discussion with SAS, Accenture, Marriott talking about how to execute a business analytics strategy. Panels are hard to blog but here are some of the interesting points made: Critical question is how to drive insight to action and make a difference to their business. Analytics is a pervasive change in management theory Enterprise-wide customer [...]

I am speaking on Performance Management and Agility at the SDForum – Business Intelligence SIG in Palo Alto: The need to balance performance monitoring and decision management to maximize both awareness and agility. How Decision Management transforms your investment in instrumentation into an investment in agility. How Agility translates to direct impact on your key [...]

Continuing at BI 2010, Jon Hill spoke on the combination of BI and Performance Management. Jon reiterated the constantly changing environment and the tendency of companies to spend large amounts of money on data infrastructure without thinking through the way this investment will make a difference. In one extreme example he had seen one company [...]

Two more analytics jobs

I recently spoke to an interesting company getting serious about analytics and looking for some staff. Drop me a line james@decisionmanagementsolutions.com if you are interested and I will forward your resume along: Data Mining / Analytics Business Analyst Senior Business Analyst with data mining and predictive analytics experience to lead the establishment of a decision [...]

Progress Software and Savvion

I got a briefing from my friends at Savvion and their new colleagues at Progress Software (Savvion is being acquired by Progress). Progress has been positioning itself around operational responsiveness – responding to opportunities and threats in real time, to what’s happening right now: What are competitors doing right now and can we adjust pricing, [...]

First Look – Aha

I got a chance to catch up with Aha! recently. Aha! is based in the Denver Tech Center and was founded back in 2006. Aha!’s premise is that it is now possible to build analytics into a platform and to focus on how to operationalize predictive models and deliver analytics within business processes. Initial customers [...]

I hosted a panel last week on predictive analytics at the Business Analytics Summit. I was joined by Richard Boire of the Boire-Filler Group, Jean-Paul Isson of Monster.com and Michael Berry of Data Miners (and author of Data Mining Techniques, one of my favorite Data mining books). I asked a series of questions and we [...]

I am hosting a panel on Predictive Analytics at the Business Analytics Summit and I got a chance to attend a session beforehand where Dave Stodder presented on performance management and Key Performance Indicators. Dave began by emphasizing that performance management is both a business and IT issue and that it needs to link people, [...]

Syndicated from ebizQ I got an interesting comment on my recent post about the top 4 concerns of CIOs. Joanne makes a number of points in her comment that I thought should be addressed: a business rules engine is not nearly enough. What is needed instead is a means to model manage and measure the [...]

Jim Sinur introduced the session by describing how Gartner saw BPM being used to turn a cost reduction axe into a cost reduction scalpel during the recent recession – cutting more precisely. The current economic climate he says is “nirvana” for BPM and BPM is not perceived as a luxury but a necessity. The session’s [...]

I am the chair of the Summit and I am going to give … A Keynote on Smarter Systems for Uncertain Times A Tutorial on Maximizing the ROI of a Business Rules Investment with Decision Management A Special Talk on Performance Management and Agility The Early Bird rate for the Summit has been extended one [...]

First Look – IBM and SPSS

I got a chance to catch up with the folks from IBM/Cognos to discuss their (fairly) recent announcement of a formal OEM relationship with SPSS for PASW Statistics (briefly reviewed here). I discussed their original, less formal, partnership previously. IBM Cognos has a long alliance history with SPSS, often working with them to co-sell into [...]

Syndicated from BeyeNetwork This headline came from a briefing I got from LucidEra about their spring release and was so good I just had to use it. Think about it – if all a dashboard does is stress you out and raise your blood pressure by telling you what’s wrong without giving you any help [...]