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The folks at VideoLectures.NET (http://videolectures.net/) wrote to me looking for blog contributors (http://blog.videolectures.net/) especially in the field of Data Mining or related disciplines within Computer Science. They are looking for video enthusiasts, students or researchers who will contribute creative reviews on different talks on the 12,000 videos on the portal – including a few hundred [...]

Heard about an interesting job at SAP’s Palo Alto location today: The Global Business Incubator at SAP® is a global organization dedicated to developing innovative businesses targeted at meeting the needs of new market opportunities.  Each of the initiatives is structured like a start-up company, consisting of a small team of individuals responsible for all [...]

Syndicated from BeyeNetwork I was doing some research the other day and found (re-found really) Kurt Thearling’s page of Data Mining Techniques. I had forgotten how useful this was and thought I should re-post it for those of you looking for a nice online summary of core data mining techniques.

BPM Optimization and Simulation

Jim Sinur is up next on optimization and simulation. The world is changing fast so he sees the use of optimization and simulation becoming broader than its traditional role of improving existing process. Optimization and simulation allows: Try new processes in a safe environment Give business people power to try changes before they go live [...]

First Look – TOA Technologies

I got a quick overview of TOA Technologies recently. TOA Technologies was founded about 5 years ago to solve “the cable guy” problem – customers waiting at home for hours without knowing when the cable guy, or any other appointment, is going to arrive. Their core idea was that they would predict, with a high [...]

Syndicated from BeyeNetwork John Elder of Elder Research is well known in data mining circles and speaks/teaches regularly. Not only has John recently released a new book (Handbook of Statistical Analysis and Data Mining Applications), he has now released his great seminar on the top 10 mistakes in data mining on YouTube! Highly recommended for [...]

ILOG and XM presented on optimization and business processes. Optimization in this context is about mathematical optimization aimed at decision support or Operations Research. Creating plans and schedules to optimize use of resources. Optimization helps business create best possible schedules or plans, explore their alternatives and understand trade-offs between conflicting goals. For instance, how much [...]

Syndicated from BeyeNetwork I recently had the chance to talk with Karl Rexer, President of Rexer Analytics, about their recently launched Data Miner Survey. This is the 3rd year they have run it and I blogged about the results from last year’s back in October. JAMES: This is your third year conducting this survey, what [...]

Syndicated from Smart Data Collective John Elder presented a collection of case studies to showcase the ROI of data mining. John started by making the point that many of his case studies had technical success but not business success – an interesting statistic. John sees three major ways that predictive analytics can help – streamlining, [...]

One of the best things about being at DIALOG was the opportunity to meet a bunch of ILOG customers and learn how they are making better decisions in their organizations. It seems to me that every one of these customers is, in a very practical way, helping to build a smarter planet. The first group [...]

Nicolas Robbe came next to give some updates on the product roadmaps. To be honest what he mostly did was summarize recent developments – nothing really about futures. First he talked about optimization and CPLEX’s 20 year history. With CPLEX 11 they feel they can solve 70% of the very hardest optimization problems – way [...]

IBM and ILOG for a smarter planet

One of IBM’s big initiatives is their focus on a smarter planet. One of the ways IBM could really use ILOG is to make the construction of smarter systems (or smart (enough) systems) easier and faster. To illustrate what I mean I took some quotes from Sam Palmisano’s Smarter Planet speech our world is becoming [...]

Karl let me know that the results from his survey are available – you can find them on the Rexer Analytics site – so I thought I would take a look and blog about them. Karl collected 348 responses from individuals in 44 countries and I found the results worth a read. A few highlights: [...]

PMML – The Predictive Modeling Markup Language – is the primary XML format for describing predictive analytic models so that a modeling tool can share a model with either another modeling tool or, more usefully, with a deployment environment. The folks over at KDNuggets recently ran a poll asking their readers about their use of [...]

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Two of Gartner’s smartest analysts – Kurt Schlegel and Gareth Herschel (shameless plug) – just published an excellent little paper called “Business Intelligence and Decision Making“. This paper was one of Gartner’s Strategic Planning Assumptions and the (free) summary says: A subset of organizations that seek a competitive advantage will evolve the primary role of [...]

I spoke to Seth Grimes last week about an article he was writing that just published on Intelligent Enterprise –What BI Practitioners Can Learn From Operations Research. As I was reading the article I also noticed a response over on Michael Trick’s OR blog –Business Intelligence and Operations Research. Both Seth’s article and Michael’s response [...]