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operational system

It used to be that analytics were applied in batch, updating the database with a score or customer segment based on yesterday’s data. It used to be that these models could take months to implement, so that the models themselves were based on data that might be months out of date. It used to be [...]

I am giving a webinar with Dr Alex Guazelli of Zementis on Predictive Analytics at the Speed of Business: How decision management and a real-time infrastructure get predictive analytics where and when you need them. Organizations are looking to maximize the value of their analytics investment. They need to accelerate the deployment process, reduce costs and [...]

Organizations are adopting a new class of operational systems called Decision Management Systems to meet the demands of consumers, regulators and markets because traditional systems are too inflexible, fail to learn and adapt and crucially cannot apply analytics to take advantage of “Big Data.” Decision Management Systems, as I described in my book, are agile, [...]

First Look – FICO Model Central

FICO Model Central is the latest addition to FICO’s Decision Management platform and is focused on lifecycle management of predictive analytic models in the context of an overall Decision Management implementation. The original driver was a growing regulatory requirement in the banking industry to have a regular cycle of model validation and monitoring of predictive [...]

We have announced the full results of our Predictive Analytics in the Cloud survey. The results are available as a white paper and as a recorded webinar – go to smartdatacollective.com/predictive-analytics-cloud to register for all the deliverables. There were some interesting results and I thought I would share a few. The core focus for predictive [...]

We are announcing the full results of our Predictive Analytics in the Cloud survey next week (Thursday, 10am Pacific) and will be making the results available also as a white paper at the same time. You can register on SmartData Collective for access to the white paper when it is published and for other deliverables [...]

Fred Balboni gave the Business Analytics and Optimization keynote. You can get a “faster planet” without analytics, just by automating processes, but you need analytics for a “smarter planet”. Fred began by introducing the results from the IBM Institute for Business Value study. The new survey had three interesting results: The gap between analytic leaders [...]