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I am attending the Object Management Group‘s Decision Modeling Notation day. OMG is a standards body that is issuing a request for proposals on a notation and model for decision modeling. I kicked off the day by presenting on the importance of decisions. Here are my slides: Importance of decisions OMG View more presentations from [...]

IBM has made a number of announcements at IMPACT and I got a chance to hear more about them at a blogference – a press conference for bloggers I guess. Interesing mix of bloggers with other jobs (like me) and “real” press people. First Sandy spent some time on a bunch of social media announcements [...]

The folks at OMG have just published the presentations from the recent SOA Consortium meeting. I blogged about some of these – a discussion of CIO concerns about SOA and Sandy Carter of IBM. You can find the following PDFs on the OMG site: Sandy Carter of IBM, Keynote on SOA Skills Judith Hurwitz of [...]

I attended a very interesting presentation given by Henk from Cordys this week on Case Management. With Henk’s permission I have posted his slides on Slideshare.net (you can see them embedded below). Case management is an interesting “subset” of Business Process Management. I say “subset” as I don’t think that case management “processes” are really [...]

Next up was a panel of experts – Sandy Carter of IBM, Judith Hurwitz of Hurwitz & Associates, Richard Soley of OMG – moderated by Brenda Michelson. This will apparently be available as a podcast some time soon. Brenda asked each person to identify the areas of most concern to CIOs. Here’s what they had [...]

I am attending the SOA Consortium meeting that is co-located with the OMG in Burlingame this week. The SOA Consortium was founded in 2007 and has grown from 11 to 81 members already. They do podcasts, case studies and work with people like Gartner to co-locate events around SOA and BPM. Sandy Carter of IBM [...]