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micro decision

The second part of my response to Dave Wright’s comment is about the kind of business one can run after one adopts EDM. To do this, let’s predicate the discussion a company that has adopted Enterprise Decision Management as a core management principle, implemented the technology and development approaches that support it and had long [...]

This week seems to be my week for customer service lists. Earlier I posted Using decision management to hang on to your customers – a response to a list in a post on CRM Daily. Today I saw a nice post on Jim Berkowitz’s site – Gartner Outlines 7 Initiatives to Improve Customer Experience that [...]

Last post in my series today – how to prioritize your use of EDM in a recession. As with any effort to prioritize EDM, the first thing to do is identify the decisions that make the difference. This means finding the micro decisions that are often hidden in your processes as well as correctly identifying [...]

First post in my series of posts on using EDM to thrive in a recession. Let’s start with the easy stuff – companies always look to reduce and control business costs in a recession so how can EDM help you do this? One of the costs many businesses carry, almost without thinking, is a certain [...]

Personalizing your business is one of those things that never really seems to go out of style and that remains one of the most powerful ways to use EDM. Making a system respond in a reasonable yet personal way to a consumer or other customer is widely, and correctly, seen as a way to bring [...]

A curious reader asks…

One of my favorite things to do on my blog is respond to questions from readers. To make it easy to find these going forward I have added a new category – Reader Questions. Email me (james at smartenoughsystems.com) if you have a question you’d like me to answer on the blog. Anyway, this week [...]

A post by Randy Littleson on the Kinaxis blog today got me thinking about responding to change. The post discussed how a failure to develop a competency in responding to change leaves you scrambling. One of the key areas EDM is designed to impact is agility – the ability of an organization to sense, analyze [...]