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micro decision

Eric Siegel opened Predictive Analytics World with a view of using predictive analytics in enterprise risk management. Eric began by giving some examples of “macro” risk – single, catastrophic risk events. But his focus, and the focus of predictive analytics, is on “micro” risk – risk-based micro decisions in my terminology. These are risk decisions [...]

Teradata announced its intent to acquire Aster Data today. Obviously this is big news in analytics-land and I participated in a call where the two companies gave some quick information. The driver for the acquisition seems t be an increasing focus on generally unstructured and untapped data and expanding the Teradata portfolio into this adjacent [...]

My old friend Marcia Conner pointed me to this great piece yesterday Investing at the Bottom of the Ladder that discussed how “Companies that invest in their lowest-level employees are more productive and more profitable”. Personally I found this cheering and a nice counterpoint to the outsource everything, always reduce costs no matter what mindset [...]

I am presenting at a Calpont (see my Calpont first look here) sponsored webinar on Taming the Data Tsunami: Next-Gen Analytics Enable Effective Relationship Marketing. Online advertisers are deluged by an increasingly complex marketplace, exponentially growing data streams, and demands for greater value from online spend. Marketers must employ highly dimensional and granular analytics to [...]

I was reading this article on Have you tested your strategy lately? in the McKinsey Quarterly and I was struck by test 10: Have you translated your strategy into an action plan? This struck me because one of the most persistent problems I see in corporate strategy is what I call the “make it so” [...]

I am speaking on Deploying Analytics with a Rules-Based Infrastructure at Predictive Analytics World San Francisco 2011. An analytic model that is not in use has no value to an organization so analytic deployment is critical. And when analytic models must be applied to operational decisions – micro decisions about a single customer, a single [...]

First Look – Portrait Software

Portrait Software, now part of Pitney Bowes Business Insight – has a tag line of “Make every interaction count” so, with my focus on micro decisions, I wanted to get an update. Since the early days of Quadstone (acquired by Portrait some years ago) the focus of this team has been to help people get [...]

Syndicated from Smart Data Collective I often hear people talk about analytics, especially advanced analytics like data mining or predictive analytic modeling, as though the value comes from “aha moments”. Sudden moments of clarity, defining moments, where the analytics deliver some piece of dramatic insight that enables a company to see some fantastic new market [...]

Syndicated from ebizQ The McKinsey Quarterly had an article today on Ten Tech-enabled business trends to watch and number 5 caught my eye -Experimentation and big data. As the authors say What if you could analyze every transaction, capture insights from every customer interaction, and didn’t have to wait for months to get data from [...]

IBM Advanced Case Management

At the IBM Advanced Case Management event in San Francisco today. Mike Rhodin, SVP of the newly formed Solutions Group within IBM Software, introduced the role of Advanced Case Management in Smarter Planet. Smarter Planet is IBM’s umbrella concept for building systems to add intelligence to an increasingly instrumented and interconnected world. The changing kinds [...]

Decision points

Syndicated from ebizQ My friend Jerome had a post this week on finding decision points – the spots in a business process where you make a decision – that was prompted by discussions he and I had with a joint client. Jerome focuses on certain kinds of activities and the words that describe them like [...]

Syndicated from Smart Data Collective I often tell companies and other organizations that they should treat decisions and decision making as assets. In Smart (Enough) Systems, the book I wrote with Neil Raden, we said Operational Decision Making as a Corporate Asset If operational decisions must be made well for your organization to deliver on [...]

Shantanu Narayen of Adobe recently said “Engagement is the new business mandate” and when Denise Shiffman (author of The Age of Engage) spoke at a recent CMO summit she added: As I talk to customers, partners, and employees, it becomes increasingly clear to me that the health of a company relies on the extent to [...]

Syndicated from BeyeNetwork Michael Vizard had an interesting post (via @merv) – Making Business Intelligence Applications Smarter in which he began with the great phrase: One perplexing oxymoron of IT industry is the simple fact that most business intelligence applications are not all that smart In Smart (Enough) Systems Neil and I argued that the [...]

Ginger Conlon had a nice post this week – Don’t Blast. Target. – Think customers: The 1to1 Blog. many marketers are still drawn to the ease of blasting to a broad audience, instead of targeting for maximum impact among those most likely to respond If you are trying to make this transition from blasting to [...]

Business Analytics and IBM

Syndicated from BeyeNetwork I participated in a panel at IBM’s launch of its new Business Analytics and Optimization service line this week. I wrote a quick post to go with the launch and having attended and heard the IBM folks talk about it and had a chance to talk with some of them I thought [...]

Syndicated from ebizQ Tom Davenport had a post today on Microdecisions for Macro Impact that pointed out on the key benefits of decision management, with its focus on operational decisions: If you can identify a few key microdecisions that can be addressed and improved, you can often dramatically improve performance. “Micro decisions” is a phrase [...]

Eric Siegel, who is chairing the new Predictive Analytics World show, presented on predictive analytics and business rules. Predictive analytics, says Eric, is a business intelligence technology that products a predictive score for each customer or prospect … and explanations thereof. These scores come from predictive models that are developed across your historical data. This [...]

I live in Palo Alto and a new Mountain Mike’s Pizza has just opened up near us. Much as we like MM pizza we have two problems – we like wholewheat dough and, as several members of my family are lactose/milk intolerant, soy cheese. If you have visited or live in Palo Alto you will [...]

One of my regular readers had a question today about Enterprise Decision Management and the Software Development Lifecycle – the EDMSDLC if you like. Here’s what he asked: We do Business Rules in our approach… I guess one question would be, where does EDM fit in a typical SDLC? [company] does Requirements, we have a [...]