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jim sinur

Syndicated from ebizQ Well last week was exciting on the ebizQ blog – thousands of new visitors after a link from a popular programming blog. This article – Programming Sucks! Or At Least, It Ought To – referred to an old article of mine – Don’t soft-code, use business rules that had been prompted by [...]

Jim Sinur posted BPM Needs to Add More Intelligence to Decisions Surrounding Processes and said: Going forward, I see a need for more sophisticated decisions that will require a deeper integration of rules, analytics, and complex events. If you read my blogs, you know I agree with this statement in broad terms. I think, however, [...]

Inspired by a post of Jim Sinur’s – Can the Business Really Use BPM Technologies Without Help? – I started thinking about the decision management corollary: Can the business use decision management technology without help? Regular readers will know that I often refer to the dirty secret of business rules: Business users don’t want to [...]

Jim Sinur brought up an interesting point today when he blogged IBM, Microsoft, Oracle and SAP have bought Business Rule Technology. What’s up with that? The big players seem to be toying with business rules – there’s plenty of activity but not much understanding or commitment. SAP bought Yasu but until recently did not show [...]

Not really live this post as I am working from notes I took – after all I was on the panel and it’s hard to participate and blog at the same time. Joining me on the panel were Don Baisley of Microsoft, Ron Ross and Jim Sinur (of Gartner) – Neil had to leave. We [...]

Well at least one more as of today – Jim Sinur, over on his Gartner blog – has finally started to use the phrase he has been threatening to use for a while “Intelligent Decision Management”. While Jim has not published a formal definition – I expect he will soon now he is back at [...]

Last chance for the EDM Summit

There are only 12 Days Left to register for the first Enterprise Decision Management Summit so get off your butt and register! Neil and I Co-Chairs and readers of the blog can get a discount. We are presenting twice – A Pre-Conference Tutorial Succeeding as a Decision-Centric Organization and a Keynote Competing on Decisions. Because [...]

If, like me, you could not make it to the Gartner BPM Summit last week, here’s the next best thing. Three people I know well blogged about the conference. Sandy Kemsley, an independent expert on BPM, was the most thorough with David Straus (of Corticon) posting several times and a single post from Jim Sinur [...]

Jim Sinur’s new blog

Jim Sinur, formerly the rules guru over at Gartner and now CSO At Global 360 has a blog to which he has started posting. He already has three posts I found interesting: The Grey Wave is Coming: BPM has to HelpAutomating decisions is also critical when you start thinking about the impending wave of retirement. [...]