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The last item in the program here at IBM IMPACT before I go speak is a panel of General Managers led by Rob Leblanc. Interesting points included: Is a connected car a mobile data center or just a big, complex mobile device? Or both. How do CIOs partner with COOs to drive smarter process and [...]

First Look: Decisions

I caught up with the wonderfully named Decisions recently. Back in the 90s the founders started OOP.com to separate what programmers did (build new components) from business users (who assembled and managed components) in complex decisions. This was sold to become the platform for a voice recognition product in the UK. In 2004 they started [...]

I am giving a webinar with IDG and IBM on ‘Better Results With Analytics and Decision Management Systems‘ at 10:00am Pacific/1:00 PM Eastern on Wednesday, February 27, 2013. To fully leverage and reap the benefits of Big Data, organizations need to adopt the proven technologies of business rules AND predictive analytics to build decision management systems [...]

I will be giving a webinar with Don Perkins, an experienced business rules consultant, on Re-inventing Business Requirements with Decision Management, Wednesday November 28 at 11am Pacific/2pm Eastern: Effectively capturing and managing requirements is critical in any IT project. Business analysts and others gathering requirements know how to capture and document processes, data and user tasks. [...]

A quick bit of Decision Management Solutions news here on the blog today. We are delighted to announce that Gagan Saxena, previously the CIO of Apple Vacations, has joined Decision Management Solutions as VP of Consulting and one of our Principal Consultants. Gagan brings more than 20 years experience in enterprise architecture, reengineering, organizational change [...]

1. You want my business users to do WHAT? Yes, pure fear is the number one reason. There are still a lot of IT departments who cannot accept the idea of the business community maintaining business rules. Mostly this is aversion to the perceived risk but sometimes it is simple fear that they personally will [...]

#8. We’re doing fine as we are; why fix what isn’t broken? What this normally means is that there are no obvious decision-centric problems in the current IT portfolio. I am reminded of a story I heard a long time ago. An IT leader was called in and asked to give a report on the [...]

Our new report on Decision Management Systems Platform Technologies has been available for download for a while now and thousands of you have downloaded it. To make it even easier to access (the PDF does not require a registration even) we have made it available online in the main report webpage – just scroll down [...]

As regular readers know, we have released the first version of our Decision Management Systems Platform Technology report. This report is available free for download from http://www.decisionmanagementsolutions.com/decision-management-technology. This version of the report focuses on four key areas (outlined in the webinar we gave recently and available in our archive here). One of these areas is [...]

I have been speaking at a series of IBM events last fall and this spring focused on “Improving customer service with BPM and decision management“. The third is in New York, NY on March 21st and the main session starts at 9am ET. I will be kicking off the session with “BPM and Decision Management [...]

I am giving a live 2-day workshop in Berlin, Germany this summer on Decisions and Decision Management. Organizations must understand how to identify and classify decisions and how to assess the potential for business rules and analytics to support and improve those decisions. They need to understand the available technologies and approaches and the long [...]

Patrick over at Figurs sent out a newsletter that highlighted an article from 2010 Biggest Barriers to Business Analytics Adoption: People. The article highlighted the people and organizational issues in adopting business analytics and #1 was “Lack of understanding of how to use analytics to improve the business”. While it’s been a while since this was [...]

I am speaking at a series of IBM/Information Week events this quarter on “Process Excellence: A Route to Better Business.” I will be speaking on BPM and Decision Management for Smarter, Simpler, and More Agile Business. The third  is in Denver, CO on March 22nd and the main session starts at 8:30am MT. I will be [...]

In a recent article over on All Analytics – Analytics-Business Alignment Needs Work – Beth Schultz discussed a set of Gartner predictions written up by Doug Laney. In particular she highlights Gartner’s finding that companies cited …aligning BI initiatives with corporate strategy and objectives nearly three times as often as they called out technology-related issues [...]

I am giving a webinar on Thursday March 14, 2012 10 am Pacific with Revolution Analytics on “Models Collecting Dust? How to Transform Your Results from Interesting to Impactful” Data scientists sometimes lament, “Why can’t I get anyone to use my predictions?” Great models that make accurate predictions are sometimes disconnected from organizational decision-making. This [...]

Tad Anderson just wrote a great review of Decision Management Systems, my new book, over on his blog on the SOA World Magazine site. Two of his comments struck me particularly. The first summarized what I consider to be the biggest limiting factor in information systems today: There are not too many systems being created [...]

We have had great response to our Predictive Analytics in the Cloud survey – thanks to KD Nuggets for their support in particular this last week – and I have recorded a podcast with some of the initial highlights. We are leaving the survey open through the end of Predictive Analytics World so you can [...]

I have been reviewing the first set of responses to our Predictive Analytics in the Cloud survey over at SmartData Collective and there are a couple of interesting demographic notes. First there is a complete absence of IT Management. We have a pretty good sprinkling of IT Executive Leadership – not as many as Line [...]

Well my new book has shipped to the printers and it should be available in mid-October. The nice folks at IBM Press have set up a 35% discount code TAYLOR4389 and the book is ready for pre-order here on IBM Press. Just go to their site, order the book and enter the code. You can also [...]

A new white paper is posted to Decision Management Solutions company site, “Maximizing the Value of Business Rules – Decision Management streamlines and focuses business rules projects for faster, more effective deployment“. Summary: Business rules management systems deliver on the promise of costs savings, agility and happy customers. Yet for many companies, business rules efforts remain point [...]