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information management

My latest article just published over on Information Management – Predictive Analytics: Making Little Decisions with Big Data Big data and predictive analytics come together in the operational environment. By focusing on operational decisions, we can put big data to work, using it to drive predictions that improve our ability to make good decisions at the [...]

Deepak Advani came back on stage to give more details on Decision Management software from IBM. Obviously Decision Management 6 came out a while ago, bring rules and analytics together. With the new release there are several new features: Integration of CPLEX The new release integrates the ILOG CPLEX Optimization engine Entity Analytics The integration [...]

IBM made a big announcement about Decision Management today. They are marking what they see as a new era of computing, cognitive computing that allows us to build systems that learn and, in my words, make decisions. All these new technologies, analytics and more, are about making better decisions. As Mike Rodin put it, the [...]

Market Development at SAS

SAS has spent the last four years moving its partnering strategy forward – making partnering a core part of how they do business, partnering with Teradata and Accenture, and most recently a push towards 30%/$200M of first year revenue impacted by partners. Russ Cobb reported out how this has been going in terms of partners: [...]

SAS sees Information Management as being about treating data as a strategic asset. Changes in competition, regulatory environment and more are driving this to be more importance. Information Management for SAS includes Data Management, Decision Management (mixing rules and analytics to drive operational decisions in decision services) and Analytics Management (supporting what I call an [...]

High Performance Analytics first. As already noted this is a key focus area for SAS.  The three pillars, remember, are: Grid Computing Allocating out analytic tasks to multiple processors and cores in a managed fashion. In-Database Analytics Using database servers for analytic computing to minimize data movement and improve performance. In-Memory Analytics The key area [...]

I have recently begun writing a column for Information Management magazine and a new one just published. The magazine is now completely online at www.information-management.com/ and you can follow their twitter feed @infomgmt. Here are my columns so far: Requirements for Advanced Analytics How to use decision management techniques to effectively gather the requirements for data mining [...]