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Four themes in business visualization: Consumer-oriented BI Walk up and use, understanding through visualization, self-service Deriving value from big data Analytics and visualization that scales with in-memory Approachable analytics Integration into the user’s world Outlook, Office, mobile The new product (coming in March) has four components: Environment Manager for setup and monitoring Visual Analytics Explorer for [...]

High Performance Analytics first. As already noted this is a key focus area for SAS.  The three pillars, remember, are: Grid Computing Allocating out analytic tasks to multiple processors and cores in a managed fashion. In-Database Analytics Using database servers for analytic computing to minimize data movement and improve performance. In-Memory Analytics The key area [...]

SAS Executive Viewpoint 2012

Dr Goodnight kicked it off the executive viewpoint at the 2012 SAS Inside Intelligence session. SAS had another growth year in 2011 ($2.7B and growth of 12.1%) as Jim highlighted both its continued investment in new buildings around the world and the fact that many SAS locations around the world, and SAS overall, continue to [...]

Analytics Keynote #iod11

Deepak Advani kicked off the first day’s analytics keynote by noting the number of different analytics communities that are now part of IBM – Cognos, SPSS, Algorithmics and more. Analytics, he says, is a broad change that is just beginning and will impact everyone. Rob Ashe followed and made the point that the opening keynote [...]

First Look – JMP Pro

I got my first look at JMP recently. JMP originally stood for “John’s Macintosh Project” apparently but is now a major business unit of SAS that has operated independently since 1989. It has about 180 employees and 250,000 users worldwide. The product has long since supported both Windows and Mac platforms and is a full [...]

Bill Gassman spoke on the role of Business Intelligence – BI – in process improvement. Bill means “big BI” – everything to do with intelligence about your business, the discipline of BI and analytics, not just a “BI” product. The road to intelligent operations he says has “haves” and “have nots” – some have BI [...]

First Look – G Stat

G-Stat is a privately held Israeli company focused on advanced analytical and data mining solutions. The founder of G-Stat began his career as an econometrician, focusing on large time-series data initially. Then he worked at the Bank of Israel in IT helping translate what the economists and others needed into information systems. He rapidly became [...]

I caught up with SAS recently to discuss their high-performance computing products. SAS’ high performance computing products are designed to address some known customer challenges such as underutilized computing resources, rapidly growing data volume and complexity, unnecessary data movement, and slow time to results because underlying hardware infrastructure is maxed out. Add in a general [...]

I got an update from the folks at Ingres the other data to talk about Ingres VectorWise. Like many of the companies I have spoken to recently, Ingres is focused on how to provide an analytic infrastructure that handles the increasing volume and complexity of data so that analysis can be done on up to [...]

SAP Run Better Tour Keynote

Running smarter is the key theme of the BI 4/EIM4 launch (though the online event is apparently not running at all, let alone running smarter). The launch of the two together – Business Intelligence and Enterprise Information Management –is deliberate on SAP’s part. Information is power and being able to discover, integrate, cleanse and use [...]