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Insurers face huge challenges with their installed base of legacy mainframe applications.  Many systems are 15-20 years old and are impeding insurers’ ability to respond to the market demands for new products and to the increased rate of consumerization. Maintenance costs are high and staffing challenges continue to mount. Growing consumer buying power will force [...]

Workshop at the Gartner BPM Summit

I am giving a workshop – The Decisions at the heart of your process – at the Gartner BPM Summit in Baltimore, April 27-29 2011. This workshop introduces the decision management approach and critical decisioning technologies such as predictive analytics and business rules. The workshop is going to be highly interactive. As well as instructions [...]

Jim Sinur had an interesting post this week – Don’t Get Stuck with Bad Policy/Rule Management. In it he said I think organizations that do not manage their policies/rules may find themselves behind the eight ball a sentiment with which I completely agree. But I would go one step further, organizations that do not manage [...]

When I blogged about Jim Sinur’s session “Business rules are king” at the Gartner BPM Summit I provoked a very thoughtful response from Tom Graves – On business rules. While Tom strongly agreed with the basic implication that organizations need discipline around business rules he identified three concerns, all of which seem to me to [...]

Cross-posted to ebizQ Tom Austin opened day 2 with a discussion of pattern-based strategies. How, he asks, did the world get so many things so wrong- the financial meltdown, the growth of terrorism etc. Enterprises have an illusion that they control their own destiny, that business stability is the norm and that technology is the [...]

Cross-posted at ebizQ A panel discussion from multiple companies (Wells Fargo, Iron Mountain and Kaiser Permanente) on BPCCs. I am not going to attempt to capture the whole conversation but here are some key lessons/hints/critical success factors: Case studies of the people, process and technology – scheduled presentations help build momentum Best practices templates for [...]

Cross-posted at ebizQ I am attending the Gartner BPM conference this week and will blog a few of the sessions. The conference is focused on people, patterns and possibilities. Jorge Lopez started off introducing some Gartner data on CEO confidence that shows a modest recovery in confidence. This is interesting as the CEO confidence index [...]

Syndicated from ebizQ The folks at BPTrends just published an article I wrote on advanced decisioning for process excellence. Advanced decisioning makes processes simpler, more agile, and smarter. Advanced decisioning allows for the effective application of business rules and advanced analytics. Making decisions explicit and managing them in concert with processes ensures an effective separation [...]

The Gartner Business Process Management Summit, March 22-24, at Caesars Palace in Las Vegas, promises to be great with some good keynotes, lots of Gartner analysts and plenty of sponsors. The early bird rate for the event ends this Monday – register by 5 p.m. EST February 15 and save $300. I can get 5 [...]

Syndicated from ebizQ In a press release just over a month ago, Gartner said that Context-Aware Computing will provide significant competitive advantage. As the press releases says: Gartner defines context-aware computing as the concept of leveraging information about the end user to improve the quality of the interaction. Emerging context-enriched services will use location, presence, [...]

The second full day of the Business Rules Forum/Enterprise Decision Management Summit is over and once again I have been taking notes rather than blogging live. Once again there were some great sessions – today I heard Steve Hendrick of IDC, Sandeep Gupta of Equifax, Chaitan Sharma of DAASL, Zach Springborn of OneData and Mo [...]

While at the recent Gartner BPM conference (twitter feed at #gartnerbpm) I got some interesting questions from @gagan_s. He saw my posts on the bare essentials of making rules work and @skemsley‘s post on my advanced decisioning for process excellence session (recording here). The first question he asked was a follow-up to Jim Sinur (@jimsinur) [...]

Jim Sinur on the topic of business rules management – BRM – and its role as the misunderstood partner for process.  Jim argues you cannot survive, much less thrive, if you do not know your business rules. In particular, you must pull out and make explicit the 30% ff your most volatile rules. These rules [...]

Jim Sinur introduced the session by describing how Gartner saw BPM being used to turn a cost reduction axe into a cost reduction scalpel during the recent recession – cutting more precisely. The current economic climate he says is “nirvana” for BPM and BPM is not perceived as a luxury but a necessity. The session’s [...]

BPM Optimization and Simulation

Jim Sinur is up next on optimization and simulation. The world is changing fast so he sees the use of optimization and simulation becoming broader than its traditional role of improving existing process. Optimization and simulation allows: Try new processes in a safe environment Give business people power to try changes before they go live [...]

The third webinar in the series, this one is a reprise of a Power Breakfast I am giving at the Gartner BPM Summit 2009 Straight-through processing, advanced analytics, dynamic processes, business user control and business alignment — all are make or break issues for process excellence. But are these really process issues at all? This [...]

I am giving a breakfast presentation on Advanced Decisioning for Process Excellence at 7am October 6th at the Gartner BPM Summit. The show runs October 5-7, 2009 and I have also been invited to participate in some sessions around business rules, such as the analyst round table on Business Rule Management Roles and Responsibilities, with [...]

River Logic’s Enterprise Optimizer is what is increasingly known as an “Integrated Business Planning” solution. Enterprise Optimizer is designed to manage cross-functional decisions at strategic, tactical, and policy levels considering all the elements and consequences of those decisions. The models you build allow you to see the financial and operational impact of those decisions and [...]

This week’s event calendar is below. The intent of this weekly post is to focus on web events coming in the next few weeks and conferences in the coming months. If you know about web or physical events around business rules, analytics, optimization or decision management, please let me know – james@decisionmanagementsolutions.com. Web Events: Silverlink: [...]

Accelerating BPM Adoption

I am speaking at the Brainstorm conference in San Francisco and blogging a couple of sesssions. First up today is Michael Melenovsky (formerly of Gartner) on Accelerating BPM Adoption – creating a vision and establishing a roadmap. Michael made the great point that companies sometimes get started with BPM to try it out and then [...]