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Day 3 of DIALOG and I am blogging live again. Yesterday I was on a panel and the DIABLOGgers captured the gist here (thanks Daryl). First session of the day was a keynote – Innovation Black Holes – How do you avoid them? by Allen Fahden, an author and speaker (more information about him on the [...]

I missed a session from longtime ILOG customer eBay but then I attended one on Agile Tax Management Using Rules and BPM by the Tax Administration Service of Mexico and EMC. The project being discussed was very successful, they say, and based on a combination of EMC’s BPM tool (Documentum) and ILOG’s rules. SAT, the [...]

After a fascinating lunch with Sandy Carter (of which more later), Steve Demuth gave the BRMS track keynote – Make Change Work to Your Advantage. Steve’s focus is on the potential competitive advantage of rules. Automate decisions, he said, are everywhere – with which I would completely agree – especially if you correctly consider micro [...]

After a short break we had Sandy Carter on The New Language of Business – SOA and Web 2.0. Sandy has recently published a book on this topic(The New Language of Business: SOA & Web 2.0). IBM recently surveyed CEOs to see what is top of mind and found that innovation for growth in today’s [...]

Next up was Scott Klososky on Do You Have Velocity Leadership? Scott talks to organizations about how technology impacts different businesses and has a book coming out soon (though I could not find a link for it). He uses a quote to show his attitude to technology: A rock pile ceases to be a rock [...]

Monday morning here at DIALOG and the keynotes are up next. The show has about 300 attendees, about half customers, representing about 18 countries. First on is Pierre Haren, Chairman and CEO of ILOG. Pierre gave a quick overview of 20 years of ILOG history and he then focused on ILOG’s mission: Make better decisions [...]

Well here I am at DIALOG 08, ILOG’s user group. The show passes the “Kemsley” test because there is wireless Internet access throughout the event, enabling me to blog live. First session was from Pierre Berlandier of ILOG talking about business rules governance. The session was packed – despite the option of playing golf instead [...]

Blogging live from DIALOG 08

I am going to be at DIALOG 08, ILOG’s user group for the next few days and blogging live. You can get information on the event here and read the DIABLOG here.