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Bruce Silver wrote a couple of interesting posts on this topic – Integrating Process and Rules – Part 1 and Part 2. Reading Bruce’s posts, and thinking back on the various posts I have written about business process and business decision management (Risks of pursuing BPM without decisioning, Adding decisioning to your BPM initiative or [...]

Syndicated from ebizQ I was reading an article on The top 10 CIO concerns and I was struck by the first four: Business productivity and cost reduction IT and business alignment Business agility and speed to market Business process re-engineering It seemed to me, reading this list, that all four of these were concerns that [...]

On Monday I posted about Enterprise Application 2.0 and promised to return with some thoughts on how to get from Enterprise Application 1.0 to Enterprise Application 2.0. Let’s see: Expose core elements as services Identify and manage processes – hook up legacy and new services into new, more effective workflows Find and automate decisions using [...]

Syndicated from ebizQ As the summer doldrums roll on I thought I would try and stir things up a little with a “2.0” post – specifically some thoughts on a software stack for “Application Development 2.0”. Such a stack would: Model processes, events and decisions as first class objects Support declarative (rules-based) approaches to developing [...]

[amazonify]0201788934:right[/amazonify][amazonify]0201788934::text::::Principles of the Business Rule Approach by Ron Ross[/amazonify] This book is one of the classics on business rules from one of the most long-standing authors in the area, Ron Ross. The book is a little more than three years old but, as it is not really focused on technology for managing business rules so [...]

Syndicated from ebizQ Mike Gualtieri is always interesting over at the Forrester Blog For Application Development & Program Management Professionals. This week he has a post called Do Application Developers Need To Change Their Ways? In the post he asks developers to look at the person in the mirror (he’s been listening to Michael Jackson’s [...]

Syndicated from ebizQ Jeff Attwood had a great post over on Coding Horror – All Abstractions Are Failed Abstractions in which he discussed a Joel Spolsky article in which that states All non-trivial abstractions, to some degree, are leaky. At some level, of course, this is true and Jeff goes on to say But I’d [...]

As previewed yesterday, ILOG (now an IBM company) is releasing the 7.0 products of their business rule management system (BRMS) family. These mark a big step forward for the ILOG product range. ILOG BRMS 7.0 has the standard BRMS components – an Eclipse-based development environment (Rule Studio), a web-based collaboration environment for non-technical users (Rule [...]

First Look – Lyza

I got a chance to see Lyzasoft‘s new product in action recently. Lyzasoft aims to provide a desktop product for business people to do analysis that can seamlessly scale up, unlike (say) spreadsheet based analysis. The product is based around a column store. Workbooks are the core metaphor and these are used to assemble flows. [...]

Syndicated from ebizQ Jim Sinur had a short post on The Power of Visibility with BPM Enabled Processes that made me think about another kind of visibility – visibility of decisions. One of the most powerful benefits of adopting business rules to manage decisions is that the approach generates increased visibility into the decision making [...]

Syndicated from ebizQ Today is the official release day for the new release of JBoss Enterprise BRMS – Drools 5.0 as was. Key features in this release are the repository/repository management tools and the new features that let business users and business analysts participate directly in editing the rules. Craig Muzilla, the VP Middleware Business [...]

I got a comment recently from “Joe” who was too much of a coward to actually post his name, his email or to link to his own blog/site/twitter feed. You can read it on my post Here’s a couple of skills developers will need in the years ahead. His comment was so indicative of the [...]

Syndicated from ebizQ I saw this list of 10 skills developers will need in the next five years – developers not programmers you notice – and I was struck by several things. First and foremost it still assumed that application developers would be programming – not assembling applications from components, not specifying the behavior of [...]

First Look – WorkXpress 2

I got a chance to see a pre-release demonstration of WorkXpress 2.0, announced today, some weeks back. WorkXpress are focused on customized business application software for large and small businesses. About 7 years ago they started building out what we would now call a Platform-as-a-Service or PaaS offering and have had customers for about 5 [...]

Syndicated from ebizQ Concluding my response to – Programming Sucks! Or At Least, It Ought To it’s time to answer the specific comments I got. First, the reasonable ones: Ken said: It depends on the business requirement. If business rules need to be changed on the fly then a rules engine framework makes the most [...]

Syndicated from ebizQ Well last week was exciting on the ebizQ blog – thousands of new visitors after a link from a popular programming blog. This article – Programming Sucks! Or At Least, It Ought To – referred to an old article of mine – Don’t soft-code, use business rules that had been prompted by [...]

Martin Fowler always writes interesting things on his site and this one was no exception: Will DSLs allow business people to write software rules without involving programmers? In it he says: …greatest potential benefit of DSLs comes when business people participate directly in the writing of the DSL code. The sweet spot, however is in [...]

Last week I posted Focusing on decisions to improve the software end product and I decided that this week’s posts would be a series of follow-ups on how decision management can and should impact software development. Today on how it should impact/be a part of Agile, tomorrow on Model-Drive Engineering and Thursday on DSLs (Domain [...]

The Forrester Blog For Application Development & Program Management Professionals had a post on a 21st Century Software Development Process that reminded me of one of my favorite topics – the need for programmers, especially Agile programmers, to get on…

IBM and ILOG for a smarter planet

One of IBM’s big initiatives is their focus on a smarter planet. One of the ways IBM could really use ILOG is to make the construction of smarter systems (or smart (enough) systems) easier and faster. To illustrate what I mean I took some quotes from Sam Palmisano’s Smarter Planet speech our world is becoming [...]