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decisions as a service

I was presenting this week to a company that asked what trends I saw in business rules. I had my ow thoughts but I also reached out to some other experience business rules implementers. Here’s what we came up with: A broader context for business rules Business rules are increasingly adopted as part of a [...]

Integration horizons #inext2010

Mike Hoskins came on to wrap up the event after handing out some awards. His focus was on integration horizons, of which he identified three: Integration Management This has not historically been a focus for Pervasive – they have been focused on the engines and technical details. The new stack, version 10, has clearly been [...]

Mike Hoskins talked about event capture and analytics, or the transition from data acquisition to meaningful knowledge – how to build data pipelines from client data to meaningful insight at a Business Service Provider (BSP or SaaS data processor).  BSPs have an interesting challenge  – they provide a service in the cloud but they have [...]