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decision requirements modeling

There are lots of articles these days about the challenges of recruiting enough data scientists, predictive analytic specialists or data miner (whatever you call them). There’s not enough of them and it’s hard for most companies to compete with Google, Amazon, Facebook et al let alone political campaigns and startups. For most companies simply going [...]

While at IBM’s IMPACT I recorded an Ignite presentation. For those of you who don’t know, the idea behind Ignite presentations is that you get 5 minutes (exactly) and 20 slides that move every 15 seconds to make one point. I presented on Why Model Decisions? and the result is shown below. Decision requirements modeling [...]

I am attending IBM IMPACT and this is a duplicate post for one running on the IBM IMPACT Blog. Business rules get everywhere – we have business rules in our user interfaces, in data quality, in business processes and more. But when organizations adopt a business rules management system they are focused on improving decision-making. [...]

I am giving a 5 minute Ignite-style presentation at IBM IMPACT, 12:07 or so on Tuesday. Come by for a rapid fire 5 minutes on Why Model Decisions? in the Social Playground in the Solution Center.