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data quality

Bo and Lawrence from PARC presented some work on contextual intelligence research designed to exploit unstructured data for novel predictive applications. PARC is now an independent business unit focused on the Business of Breakthroughs, working with Xerox and with other companies. The new focus means they work on a wide range of problems and aim [...]

Mark Hornick of Oracle’s Data Mining Technologies Group presented on the use of the Oracle Data Mining technology to drive recommendations at Oracle OpenWorld (OOW). The challenge in a show like Oracle OpenWorld is that there are thousands of sessions and attendees need help finding the sessions that will match their interests. Three groups were [...]

Syndicated from ebizQ Scott Cleveland had an interesting post this week on the single greatest benefit of BPM that included the information that 17% thought it was “Change business rules and processes without impacting underlying applications”. This focus on agility is not, perhaps, surprising but it prompted an interesting comment from John Owens (who tweets [...]

I have blogged about Pervasive DataRush before and I got a quick update this week. Pervasive often talks about helping companies with “big data” issues and they see this as one dimension of difficulty – with the complexity of processing being done being the other dimension. So some folks, for instance, handle big data but [...]

Thomas Tileston of Warner Bros Home Entertainment (DVDs, games and digital distribution part of Warner Bros) was next talking about their use of SAS and Teradata. He started with a little history as he has been using SAS for 20 years or so. In the early days analytical data set preparation was 70% of the [...]

Guest intelligence at Target

Guest intelligence is something Target use to drive marketing and merchandising decisions. Target, of course, is a large US retailer that does business in 49 states and has a major web presence. Target has guest data from panel surveys,  store surveys and operational data and regards these all as valid sources of guest data, without [...]

New Rexer Analytics survey

Syndicated from BeyeNetwork I recently got the survey results from the annual data mining survey that Karl Rexer of Rexer Analytics runs. You can get the summary here or the full results from Karl but here are my thoughts: Data mining is everywhere. The most cited areas are CRM / Marketing and Financial Services with [...]

Several sessions this afternoon on data quality and governance. Rather than blogging these separately, here are some thoughts: Great illustration of data quality problem having a business impact – bad data led a Telco to prepare a large CapEx project to add bandwidth capacity but a physical inspection showed plenty of actual capacity. Bad data [...]

Karl Rexer of Rexer Analytics sent me a note the other day about some early results of the 3rd Annual Data Miner Survey in the Spring of 2009.  Like the previous surveys (I blogged about the 2008 survey), it  examined data miners’ algorithms and tools, opinions and views, types of data analyzed, challenges encountered, and [...]

I hosted a panel last week on predictive analytics at the Business Analytics Summit. I was joined by Richard Boire of the Boire-Filler Group, Jean-Paul Isson of Monster.com and Michael Berry of Data Miners (and author of Data Mining Techniques, one of my favorite Data mining books). I asked a series of questions and we [...]

SAS – An executive overview

I am spending some time as a guest of SAS this week and we got started today with Jim Goodnight, CEO of SAS. He began by describing SAS Institute’s 33 years of continuous revenue growth as well as similarly growing reinvestment in R&D. SAS has not laid anyone off this year, for which kudos, and [...]

Syndicated from BeyeNetwork This headline came from a briefing I got from LucidEra about their spring release and was so good I just had to use it. Think about it – if all a dashboard does is stress you out and raise your blood pressure by telling you what’s wrong without giving you any help [...]

Tom Davenport wrote a nice piece last year that recently showed up on my radar – 10 Principles of the New Business Intelligence – on HarvardBusiness.org. His first principle was particularly good: Decisions are the unit of work to which BI initiatives should be applied. Whether you are just looking to make your reporting and [...]

A panel of the keynote presenters discussed critical success factors for BI and analytics. Panels are tricky to blog so this is just going to be a list of thoughts generated by the panelists with no attempt to assign them to the individuals. Critical success factors, then, include: You must understand what drives high performance [...]