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Syndicated from ebizQ A friend passed on an article titled “When the customer knocks” in which Scott Arnett of Pitney Bowes discussed the power of data to improve customer interactions. Nothing there to cause me to blog you would think. Except that Scott, like too many in the Business Intelligence community, fails to acknowledge that [...]

A press release caught my eye recently on CRM – Gartner Identifies the Top Six CRM Marketing Processes for a Cost-Constrained Economy. Two of the six processes Gartner identified seem to me to require decision management to be done well. 1.Retention Management Retaining high value or potential high-value customers is essential in difficult economic times. [...]

Elana Anderson, now at Unica, wrote a nice piece titled Where CRM Goes Next for Baseline Magazine. In a short piece she highlights some of the key challenges for CRM/Marketing going foward: It must become more focused on interactive marketing, engaging with customers It must break free from old habits like fixed campaign schedules and [...]

Great post by Elana Anderson – What Will Campaign Management Be Like In 2020? « NxtERA Marketing Blog. I have long believed that improved campaign management, like improved customer experience and improved marketing, requires a greater focus on customer treatment decisions. I have blogged before about the role of decision management in campaign management (in [...]

First Look – Sonetto Retail

I got a briefing on IVIS Group’s Sonetto product this week. Sonetto is most famous as the platform for Tesco’s multi-channel strategy. Sonetto is a product designed to focus on multi-channel operations, especially (but not exclusively) multi-channel retail. They make the very valid point that multi-channel retail is complex. Not only do retailers have multiple [...]

Continuing my responses to John Schmidt’s post on Customer Centricity with a discussion of Process Integration. John describes this as focusing on cross-channel integration using Enterprise Service Bus/SOA technologies to bring data to the point of interaction. Decision management, of…

Tim Walters of Forrester had an interesting post this week – Is Web Personalization Now A Matter Of “Thurvival”? in which he emphasized that, even in a downturn, getting better at web personalization has a payoff. Now I think personalization is a good thing and the evidence that it results in more engagement, better results [...]

Last week I was invited to attend Chordiant‘s European Customer Advisory Board. This session was held in lovely Munich in the middle of Oktoberfest and was both informative and a lot of fun. While I can’t share everything – some of it was for customers only – I thought you would appreciate what I could [...]

Elana Anderson had a great post on direct marketing while I was on vacation –Next Generation Campaign  Management. She starts off with three great principles: Listen to all information provided by customers and prospects – both explicit and implied. Understand past and present information to determine the best possible marketing action. Communicate in a compelling, [...]

Three articles on loyalty caught my eye this week. First 1:1 had a nice piece on Loyalty Equals Growth for Sony. Sony is a company to which many people are already loyal so it was interesting to see that a formal loyalty program was still a priority for them. Talking about their combined CRM and [...]

[amazonify]0470189088:right[/amazonify][amazonify]0470189088::text::::The Best Service is No Service: How to Liberate Your Customers from Customer Service, Keep Them Happy, and Control Costs[/amazonify] I just finished reading The Best Service is No Service: How to Liberate Your Customers from Customer Service, Keep Them Happy, and Control Costs and I can’t recommend it too highly. This is a tremendous [...]

One of the things I like to do on the blog is bring attention to those companies applying the principles of Enterprise Decision Management to deliver useful, smart enough systems. I recently came across Strategy DirectorTM from Stratagem Portfolio Services. This uses EDM to deliver analytics and strategy support for collections. The product is built [...]

Erik Klein from the WebSphere Commerce group at IBM and Scott Young from a consultant. Erik started by discussing the inhibitors to moving to multi-channel and customer-centric. These include: Siloed business units Applications that don’t integrate or support multi-channel operations Redundant data in multiple systems, no single version of the truth The different domains – [...]