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composite application

Connie Moore and John Rymer kicked off today talking about Dynamic Business Applications and their first discussion was around brown paper bags. They made the point that brown paper bags are a pure commodity and all you can do is reduce costs. Other kinds of bags offer more opportunities for innovation and, thus, more margins. [...]

Mike Gualtieri of Forrester had a blog post a few months back that I missed then but that he pointed out to me this week – What Is Your Future? In it he outlines two scenarios at either end of a continuum. One is that application development changes in incremental ways such that “The application [...]

Paul Daro was next giving some detail around the new architecture (introduced by Bernhard Nann). A number of trends were identified first: Clearly the move to a collection of services from monolithic applications has fundamentally changed the relationship of vendors to customers – now more about delivering services that can be fitted in to an [...]

Back on this blog for John Rymer of Forrester talking about dynamic business applications (about which I have blogged before) and how the next generation of systems will be designed for people and built for change. John began by showing a video of a broker’s desktop demonstration built by Adobe and some partners. Brokers are [...]

John Rymer and Mike Gualtieri of Forrester have just published the Business Rules Platforms Wave for 2008 (you can get it here as part of your Forrester subscription or for about $800). The folks at Forrester do a pretty thorough job of reviewing platforms for these Wave reports – actually getting vendors in to work [...]

Evening of Monday night and its party time in the solutions area of IMPACT. Once again the wonderful string quartet were strutting their electric stuff and the food and drinks were good. I spent my time speaking to the few folks present who were really interested in decisioning (Chordiant, ILOG, select IBMers) and then went [...]

It turns out they are going to move the schedule back to allow for the overrun in the keynotes so I have some time to catch up. So, Steve Mills. Steve re-iterated the power of business and IT alignment, again quoting the LSE / McKinsey study that shows such alignment doubles productivity (I am looking [...]

Jack van Hoof has a nice post this week on IT Services Stack: collaboration experiment in which he outlines an IT Service Stack and invites participation from those with opinions to try and flesh out a common set of definitions. I liked the overall stack but I have a couple of suggestions. Here are my [...]

I am often asked the question in the title – what is a smart (enough) system? Here’s the list we use when we talk about it: Operational While one can make systems of all kinds “smarter” we are talking about making operational, transactional, high-volume, typically customer facing applications smart enough to be useful. Real-Time As [...]

Neil and I are attending the DAMA conference this week and I will be blogging from some sessions. First one (after a fairly long set of announcements) is the Tuesday morning keynote, Michael Blechar of Gartner on The Yin & Yang of Process and Data: Which Will Be King of the Next Generation of Applications? [...]

I missed the customer panel with Travelocity, Equifax, Deloitte Consulting and Bank of America but hopefully the DIABLOGgers got that one too (they did, check here). Next up is Daryl Plummer of Gartner talking about Dynamic BPM—Where SOA, Rules, Processes and Events Come Together.  Daryl started with a great plug for my book and then got [...]

This morning I watched and listen to two old friends of mine – Wayne Eckerson of TDWI and Dan Graham of Teradata as they gave a webinar on “Approaches to operational BI” (PDF of slides, Webinar Recording). Wayne and Dan did a nice tag team discussing the principles involved and giving some Teradata-specific examples. Wayne [...]

Forrester, business rules and 2008

I was fortunate enough to get a preview of some new research from John Rymer of Forrester this week – Trends: Business Rules Platforms 2008. As usual John has written an interesting piece and it is well worth reading and buying. Setting the need for more dynamic applications and the need to automate more complex [...]

One of my favorite BI bloggers, Cyril Brookes, had an interesting post today – What Does Web 2.0 Really Mean for BI’s Future?. He starts by pointing out that “Successful BI enables the executives and professionals to make better decisions” to which I would add that successful enterprise decision management enables the systems in an [...]

Mark Proctor, he of Drools fame, posted today on his vision for unifying rules and processes. Not content with describing me as “large” and “infamous” in a previous post, now he has to get my blood pressure up with this new post! Seriously, though, I am going to disagree with Mark’s basic premise. For starters, [...]

John McCormick had a nice piece over on CIO insight today – The 10 Most Important Technology Areas for 2008, a Garnter View. Four of these struck me as particularly important when it comes to consider decision management in this context: Green IT While the discussion in the article was more about how hardware can [...]