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Customer intimacy #bas2010

Customer intimacy is a hot topic these days. Customers are getting more complex because not only are they using multiple channels but because they have multiple online personalities – work, home, on behalf of a parent or child and so on. The fact that consumers trust each other (78%) but not ads (13% trust for [...]

Rob Ashe and Fred Balboni kicked off the IBM Business Analytics Analyst Summit with a presentation on IBM’s overall strategy for analytics – product and consulting in an integrated view. Of course this is IBM so everything starts with Smarter Planet – and Smarter Planet begins with how to get insight to drive better performance, [...]

After the intro on Advanced Case Management, a more technical session. The idea, Carl Kessler says, is to take all the technology IBM has and create a real improvement in their case management capabilities. Carl explained how IBM takes what they see industries and customers doing and capture storyboards for these different scenarios like new [...]

Doug Henschen has a great interview with Deepak Advani of IBM, the new head of IBM’s newly acquired SPSS business (and I am not just saying that because he mentions Smart (Enough) Systems).  I am looking forward to seeing what IBM does with the combination of ILOG and SPSS, along with InfoSphere, WebSphere, FileNet and [...]

Syndicated from BeyeNetwork I was attending IBM’s launch of its analytic appliances when it announced its intent to acquire SPSS. I did not get a chance to write much more at the time but I did not want to let the opportunity pass completely.I think the announcement represents a sea change in the decision management [...]

First Look – IBM and SPSS

I got a chance to catch up with the folks from IBM/Cognos to discuss their (fairly) recent announcement of a formal OEM relationship with SPSS for PASW Statistics (briefly reviewed here). I discussed their original, less formal, partnership previously. IBM Cognos has a long alliance history with SPSS, often working with them to co-sell into [...]

A crossover session combining WebSphere BPM and Cognos BI.  Linking BI and BPM allows you to leverage insight from your information across multiple applications and processes. You can extend process execution data to BI users, you can improve decision points within your process using BI and you can enhance business activity monitoring with BI. The [...]

As my twitter feed starting warming up with thoughts on IBM and Sun I started to think – what impact would this have on the decision management market? I read what Steve Hamm had to say over on BusinessWeek – Why IBM Wants Sun and Tony Baer’s IBM buying Sun. Why Bother? But decision management [...]

DIALOG The roadmap

On now to the roadmap, at least at a high level. Right now there is the normal post-acquisition “blue wash” going on and by Q2 will deliver IBM versions of all ILOG’s products and, obviously IBM’s global sales force and Global Services are being spun up. The core of the roadmap is to move the [...]

Doug Henschen had a blog post on IBM today that caught my eye – Will IBM Add Analytics to its Toolbelt? in which he quoted Ambuj Goyal (who heads up information management at IBM) as saying predictive analytics are overrated. Sadly this reminded me of the old days of IBM – when FUD (fear, uncertainty [...]

SPSS and IBM’s Cognos group recently made an announcement of a partnership to integrate their products. I don’t have any more details than the press release but take this announcement as an indication that IBM/Cognos reached the logical conclusion that Predictive Analytics is distinctly and uniquely different from Business Intelligence/Performance Management and that customers want/need [...]