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Joe McKendrick in his Eye on the Enterprise blog had a post on legacy modernization – Time to Cut COBOL from Life Support in which he referenced a post by James McGovern The mainframe is not evil, but COBOL is… in which James says that there’s no reason why aging COBOL apps can’t be replaced [...]

When I read Ade McCormack’s book The IT Value Stack I was struck by many sections (as you can see from the review) and one thread in his narrative prompted this post. He recommends avoiding software development (because it is expensive and high risk). Ht talked about the importance of sweating the technology (making the [...]

Well I guess it had to happen – ILOG joined Fair Isaac in releasing a COBOL code generator for its flagship rules product. I have not yet seen it in action (I am sure I will at DIALOG next week) but I have talked with product management at ILOG and seen the public information. The [...]