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campaign management

This post caught my eye last week – ecommerceinsights.com Blog » Automated recommendations: ubiquitous in 2009? Predictive merchandising becomes ubiquitous, and the crowd begins to separate. “Predictive merchandising” is also referred to as “automated merchandising” or “personalized product recommendations”. Whatever term you like (or are marketing) we will see this area are the “product reviews [...]

Elana Anderson, now at Unica, wrote a nice piece titled Where CRM Goes Next for Baseline Magazine. In a short piece she highlights some of the key challenges for CRM/Marketing going foward: It must become more focused on interactive marketing, engaging with customers It must break free from old habits like fixed campaign schedules and [...]

Great post by Elana Anderson – What Will Campaign Management Be Like In 2020? « NxtERA Marketing Blog. I have long believed that improved campaign management, like improved customer experience and improved marketing, requires a greater focus on customer treatment decisions. I have blogged before about the role of decision management in campaign management (in [...]

Elana Anderson had a great post on direct marketing while I was on vacation –Next Generation Campaign  Management. She starts off with three great principles: Listen to all information provided by customers and prospects – both explicit and implied. Understand past and present information to determine the best possible marketing action. Communicate in a compelling, [...]