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business rules engine

Carsten Ziegler started off re-iterating the same benefits of business rules that came up when the BPM team discussed rules. He used an insurance policy application and pricing scenario as an illustration. The rules for this scenario are organized into a catalog that contains various rulesets, either if..then rules or a decision table, just like [...]

This session was a quick overview of business rules. Business rules, Michael says, represent the constraints and behaviors of your business – your policies, not just your IT rules like database integrity rules. Business rules are owned by the business – eligibility, pricing, CRM practices and so on. Michael divided these rules up into things [...]

Syndicated from ebizQ I got an interesting comment on my recent post about the top 4 concerns of CIOs. Joanne makes a number of points in her comment that I thought should be addressed: a business rules engine is not nearly enough. What is needed instead is a means to model manage and measure the [...]

Charlie Lewis of Air Products described how they have been using workflow and business rules (FICO Blaze Advisor). Air Products is a Fortune 300 company that primarily supplies industrial gases in a variety of markets. Charlie begun by describing the communication and work challenges of a diverse company across many countries where different groups have [...]

Jim Sinur on the topic of business rules management – BRM – and its role as the misunderstood partner for process.  Jim argues you cannot survive, much less thrive, if you do not know your business rules. In particular, you must pull out and make explicit the 30% ff your most volatile rules. These rules [...]

The fifth webinar in the series. What do you really need to know when you start implementing a business rules management system? What can go wrong and what must you watch carefully? In this webinar you will learn 10 hard-earned rules for successful adoption and implementation of business rules management systems. Claye Greene is the [...]

SAP NetWeaver BPM reviewed

Sandy Kemsley has posted a long and detailed review of SAP Netweaver BPM on her blog. It sounds like they have done some good work integrating the Yasu rules engine. Obviously she has better luck getting people at SAP to brief her than I do! Hopefully one day I will have something to add on [...]

I just published an article on BR Community – A Realistic View of Business Rules Engines – and as the four fallacies I tackle are pretty widely held you should check it out.

Business Rules performance

Ralph and Steve over at Illation have begun publishing about the new business rule engine benchmarks they have put together. First up is Drools – a nice detailed post comparing Drools 4 and Drools 5.

New books on JBoss Drools

Syndicated from ebizQ I have recently been a reviewer for Michal Bali’s new book on Drools (Drools JBoss Rules 5.0 Developer’s Guide), which will soon be generally available. In the meantime you could check out an example of the style by reading this two part article on Drools JBoss Rules 5.0 Flow – Part 1 [...]

For those of you who could not attend the webinar I gave with Claye Greene of technologyblue, here are the slides: SOA Mainframe Decision Management

Dave Birchall has a nice list of 10 Reasons to Evaluate InRule Business Rules Engine though personally I don’t think these are limited to InRule but relate to almost all business rules management systems. That said, InRule 3.2 is a nice product for companies focused on .NET. If you like the post, check out my [...]

Intalio hosted a launch today to position themselves as The Enterprise Cloud Company. Intalio turns 10 years old this year. They remain a privately held company with 500 paying customers and have passed 50,000 deployed sites in 52 countries. 35 employees and 20 contractors across 14 offices worldwide. Customers cover all industries and business is [...]

Jim Sinur asked (and answered) a similar question on this blog recently – Do I Really Need a Business Rule Capability? Now I generally talk about Decision Services as the driver for business rules – services that answer business questions for other services – so how can you tell that a service is ideal for [...]

Syndicated from ebizQ With Drools 5, JBoss and the open source community have delivered a true business rules management system for the first time. Using Drools, organizations can take control of the logic that drives their operational decisions using an open source platform. Some time ago I wrote a little forward for Paul Browne and [...]

First Look – DeltaR onRules

Delta-R‘s product onRules is Java-based, service oriented application. Based on open source like the Spring, Hibernate, Java Server Faces r UI, Groovy for scripting etc. It is fully web based – thin client – and the resulting services are deployed as web services. It is available in English and Spanish. The software starts with a [...]

I got an update on the Oracle Business Rules product recently. Oracle is an interesting company – they have the components of decision management but do not yet have them under a single umbrella. For instance, they have in-database data mining (blogged about here), the Real Time Decisions (RTD) engine, event processing rules and so [...]

First Look – Incanto

I got a chance to look at a new decision product this week – Incanto from Qualia Systems in the UK. Incanto is a decision modeling tool and the founders of the company describe their objective as providing both a “scribble pad” where you could have a continual development process, moving pieces around until what [...]

Rob Pritchard of Infosys presented on the power of business rules in warranty. His focus is on agility – most warranty systems are inflexible and hard to change. Organizations cannot make changes to warranty policy to respond to competitors, can’t create what-if scenarios, can’t tighten claims control or pre-valid claims or repairs. These problems come [...]

Mike Gualtieri published a nice piece on business rules engine algorithms last July that I wanted to point out to my readers. Mike summarizes the mainstream rules engine algorithms into those that deliver inferencing at run time, those that execute…