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business process improvement

I am giving a webinar with Juergen Pitschke, our partner in Germany, on Getting Started with Decision Discovery September 9 at 10am Pacific. The path to a better bottom line is paved by large numbers of operational decisions made by people, by processes and by software applications. Systematically improving each operational decision – at scale – [...]

I am giving an All Analytics Academy session on “Advancing the Art of Business Decision Making” as part of the Big Data Analytics series on October 30 at 2pm ET. The abundance of data and the demand for real-time insights is placing enormous pressure on traditional information management systems. Enterprises need decision management systems that [...]

Cross-posted at ebizQ A panel discussion from multiple companies (Wells Fargo, Iron Mountain and Kaiser Permanente) on BPCCs. I am not going to attempt to capture the whole conversation but here are some key lessons/hints/critical success factors: Case studies of the people, process and technology – scheduled presentations help build momentum Best practices templates for [...]