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Business Activity Monitoring

When it’s a dashboard. I often hear people talk about fighter pilots as a model for the future of business users. For instance, Ade McCormack did in his book on the IT value stack. Indeed this is such a good mental image that many companies use it – either to promote their products or to [...]

Last session of the day (also blogged on paper) was Charles Brett on Why Events Matter To The Business and what this means for application development professionals. I heard Charles talk on a similar subject at the IBM IMPACT event –Live from IMPACT – Business Event Processing. While many more business and IT people are [...]

Last session for me today, indeed the last session before I go home, is Janelle Hill of Gartner and Kramer Reeves of IBM on improving agility through end-to-end process agility. Janelle went first sharing Gartner’s BPM Scenario for the next five years. She had two initial points: In 2013, do you know where your work [...]

Ed Lynch, from the AptSoft acquisition, was on next for me talking about using Business Event Processing for an agile business response. This was interesting given IBM’s recent announcements on business event processing. Charles Brett from Forrester began with an overview of Event Processing. Charles, like many, assumed that event processing was a narrowly focused [...]

Neil and I are attending the DAMA conference this week and I will be blogging from some sessions. First one (after a fairly long set of announcements) is the Tuesday morning keynote, Michael Blechar of Gartner on The Yin & Yang of Process and Data: Which Will Be King of the Next Generation of Applications? [...]

How are you integrating business rules and analytics? How are you adding intelligence to your business processes? How are you putting analytics to work in your operational systems? How, in other words, are you using Enterprise Decision Management (EDM) to innovate your business? Your colleagues and peers want to know. We invite you to present [...]

This morning I watched and listen to two old friends of mine – Wayne Eckerson of TDWI and Dan Graham of Teradata as they gave a webinar on “Approaches to operational BI” (PDF of slides, Webinar Recording). Wayne and Dan did a nice tag team discussing the principles involved and giving some Teradata-specific examples. Wayne [...]

Charles Nicholls of SeeWhy was up next, talking about Turbocharging business rules with BI 2.0. Charles wrote a nice little eBook called In Search of Insight (it’s free and you can download it here). I have also blogged about SeeWhy a couple of times – here and here. Charles defined BI 2.0 as a business [...]

Sandy is my fellow blogger- she blogs at column2 but I met here when we both blogged over on ebizQ (my blog is here). She presented on “Business Process Management with Business Rules and Business Intelligence” and started by pointing out that she has long felt that business rules are essential for business process management [...]

John Trigg over on the Apama blog had a post today – The Opportunity for Business Intelligence: Is it Evolution or Revolution? – that made me think about Complex Event Processing(CEP) and Decision Mangement. Many of the posts I see about CEP, like John’s, are trying to compare CEP with BI and so-called Operational BI [...]