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First Look: RulePlex

RulePlex is a business rules environment startup based in Orlando FL. The basic product consists of a Rule Manager that allows access to a set of policies. Each policy contains business rules and these rules can be written in different languages – Javascript, C# and Visual Basic with Python and Ruby to follow. Each policy [...]

We recently completed a series of posts on the role of decision management in legacy modernization so I thought I would gather the various resources up in one place: First I wrote this piece with 4 reminders about legacy modernization. I followed up with a 5 step processs for decision-centric legacy modernization Claye Green or our partner [...]

I last got briefed by Sparkling Logic back in August 2012 and I got an update on their new Kyoto release. The new release has a big focus on the user interface and on making the information in the system more accessible. First off SMARTS now immediately shows information about new features including links to [...]

Stuart Wells, the CTO of FICO, came up to give the keynote and talk about FICO’s big cloud announcements: FICO Cloud-based Decision Management Platform (announcement here) FICO Analytic Cloud (announcement here and sign up here) Customer engagement applications  on this cloud platform announcement here (discussed also in this blog post). Stuart began with a couple of stories. [...]

Here are the slides for my session at IBM IMPACT today Decision Management Cases: Agility and Adaptability from James Taylor Hope you enjoyed the posts from IMPACT. Don’t forget to sign up for the newsletter if you aren’t already and contact us if you need any help with Decision Management.

Dave Millen came up to talk about the Process and Decision Management updates under the umbrella of Smarter Process. Big Data, cloud, social and mobile is driving change in the Smarter Process portfolio. In particular it means that process efficiency is no longer enough to guarantee success – you need processes that are effective also. [...]

I am speaking on Decision Management Cases: Agility & Adaptability in Insurance, Travel & Healthcare at IBM’s IMPACT 2013, April 30 4:00-5:00pm Business rules are a powerful technology with a proven track record building Decision Management Systems. Successful projects deliver business agility, empowering business users to manage the decision-making in their systems so they can [...]

As many of you know, Decision Management Solutions publishes a report on Decision Management Systems platform technologies. We have just released a new version with more vendor information, links to product reviews and great new content on best practices and key product characteristics. To recap: Decision Management Systems are agile, analytic and adaptive. They are [...]

7. Why do I need more technology to handle business logic? This excuse comes up both in forward-looking companies that have made an effort to standardize on a set of technology and on technology-resistors who like to stick only with technology they have been using for years. Let’s drill into some of the specific excuses [...]

I have been going to IBM IMPACT for a couple of years now. This year’s event is just around the corner – it starts on Sunday – and I am particularly excited about this one. While it’s not the first at which I have spoken, nor the first where there have been sessions on Decision [...]

Sapiens has been around for over 25 years developing technology solutions around business rules and model-based development, specifically in financial services and insurance. Established in 1982 and NASDAQ traded, they have $100M in annual revenues post a couple of recent mergers. They have over 750 employees in US, Canada, UK, Japan, Australia, Belgium and Israel. [...]

First Look – Web Rule 2.0

I have blogged about code effects’ Web Rule product before. This rule editor and execution environment supports both execution rules (that have an action to take) and evaluation rules (that just return true/false) as well as an IntelliSense/type ahead editor based on an XML object model. Rules in this product are closer to a ruleset [...]

I am hosting a micro-forum at SAP’s Sapphire/ASUG event this year on “Smarter, Simpler Applications with Decision Service Management” with Carsten Ziegler, author of a great book on SAP’s rule engine BRFplus. This discussion focuses on decision service management (DSM) – a strategy that helps make business processes and systems more efficient and more agile. Learn how [...]

I am co-presenting at SAP’s Sapphire/ASUG event this year on “Building Flexible, Easy-to-Change and Rock-Solid Applications with BRFplus Decision Services” with Carsten Ziegler, author of a great book on SAP’s rule engine BRFplus. SAP ABAP business applications can be rightly described as high performance, robust and rock-solid. Making them also flexible and easy to change is [...]

We are closing in on the first release of our definitive report on platform technologies for Decision Management Systems. We expect to make the first version available early next week (once we have completed a few production steps). This will provide an overall architecture for these technologies, describe the core product categories (Business Rules Management Systems, [...]

I am giving a live 2-day workshop in Berlin, Germany this summer on Decisions and Decision Management. Organizations must understand how to identify and classify decisions and how to assess the potential for business rules and analytics to support and improve those decisions. They need to understand the available technologies and approaches and the long [...]

Brooksource in Louisville, KY is searching for a Rules Management Developer for a Fortune 100 client in the healthcare industry. This position is within the Clinical Guidance group and they are seeking someone that has a development background and has experience working with the business side of the house.  This is a unique position that has [...]

I am giving a webinar for IBM on “Strategic Advantage of Focusing on Decisions” on 10/19/11 at 11 AM PT / 2 PM ET. I will discuss the value of becoming a decision-centric organization. Learn strategies and best practices for leveraging technology to execute operational business decisions more effectively. See how you can bridge the [...]

I will be moderating the Business Rules Vendor Panel at 3pm Eastern November 1 at the Business Rules Forum in Florida. This is normally a great chance to hear the people who are building the next generation of business rules technology talk about the industry.

Some weeks back I wrote a series of posts on the role of Decision Management in Insurance. One post was called multi-channel distribution and customer communication and outlined how Decision Services that automate customer decisions improve customer treatment in a multi-channel world by improving their accuracy, timeliness and consistency. The diagram at left shows how [...]