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I got an update from the folks at Alfresco recently. This company is an open source content management project, begun by a team that left Documentum some years ago. The project now has about 2M downloads and is a commercial open source company with 1,200 paying customers – mostly among those typically comfortable with open [...]

One of the prime causes of over-complex processes is the inclusion of decision-making in process designs. Organizations that identify the decisions in their processes and manage them as peers – not part of the process but supporting it – find they can simplify process designs, increase agility and bring business users and IT into better [...]

Speaking in Paris, July 1

I am presenting at an IBM event in Paris on the role of decisions and decision management in building more intelligent business processes. Here’s the description of the event (in French): Une nouvelle faco de traviller Tedaes Logicielles, Edition Speciale Agilitite July 1 IBM Forum de Bois-Colombes More details Besides the morning keynote I am [...]

I am giving a webinar for SAP on business rules and decisions in BPM. You can register here and the recordings will be available. This is one of a series promoting SAP’s new book on BPM, which I am writing a couple of chapters for. You can also download a white paper I wrote for [...]

Lisa posted an interesting comment on an old post of mine (Why don’t you replace COBOL with something useful (not Java)) in which she make some interesting comments: I understand your last point that using a declarative “model” such business rules would be preferable to replace legacy COBOL applications instead of using a procedural language. [...]

A hands on session at SAP TechEd discussing business rules in the context of SAP Netweaver BPM. The basic pitch was reiterated – business rules embedded in code are hard to maintain, hard to expose to the business users and hard to estimate change costs while rules outside the system are scattered and hard to [...]

Sandy Kemsley and I spent an interesting hour discussing SAP BPM with Wolfgang Hilpert. SAP has recently announced and previewed 7.2 of their Netweaver BPM product (as discussed by Sandy here). While this release was  really focused recently on improving modeling with BPMN there are a number of other improvements: Creating user interfaces based on [...]

Composite applications combine various existing functions into a new application, typically managed using a business process or orchestration as the framework. SAP talks about core business processes, those built into the enterprise application backbone,and composite business processes that integrate and extend these processes by reusing the services within them. Specifically a composite application contains: Workcenter [...]

While at the recent Gartner BPM conference (twitter feed at #gartnerbpm) I got some interesting questions from @gagan_s. He saw my posts on the bare essentials of making rules work and @skemsley‘s post on my advanced decisioning for process excellence session (recording here). The first question he asked was a follow-up to Jim Sinur (@jimsinur) [...]

Dynamic BPM and agility

Jim Sinur presented on how companies are preparing for change and using agility as an advantage. Not just as a technology option but as a requirement for transformation. In some sectors this ability to do dynamic BPM is becoming a competitive weapon. Key issues: how will BPM become more dynamic what impact will SOA, web, [...]

Business Agility Now!

Nancy Pearson, who I interviewed recently, discussed IBM’s new Business Agility Now! initiative. IBM launched Smarter Planet about a year ago, focusing on the instrumented, interconnected and intelligent organization. The initiative is being driven by the massive increase in instrumentation (with smaller things being instrumented as well as the natural world), how interconnected organizations have [...]

Jim Sinur introduced the session by describing how Gartner saw BPM being used to turn a cost reduction axe into a cost reduction scalpel during the recent recession – cutting more precisely. The current economic climate he says is “nirvana” for BPM and BPM is not perceived as a luxury but a necessity. The session’s [...]

Jim Sinur and Dave McCoy of Gartner hosted a quick session on making rules work at the Gartner BPM show. With only 30 minutes this was quick and dirty and the audience was overwhelmingly people completely new to business rules (though not to BPM). Dave outlined his 5 pieces of advice: Ignore standards While it [...]

SAP TechEd

I am going to be attending SAP TechEd in Las Vegas. While I am mostly going to get up to speed on SAP’s support for business rules and analytics, I will also be running three expert “lounge” sessions. Two 30-minute “face-to-face networking sessions” on getting started with business rules and one such session on decisioning [...]

Syndicated from ebizQ Last week I wrote a piece on the risks of pursuing BPM without decisioning. As promised, here are some thoughts on how to get started. Identify your decisions Step one is to find and name and manage the decisions that matter to your processes. Finding decisions is not always that easy, though [...]

Talking with SAP today I made the comment that the best place to use business rules was often in stable, core business processes because those processes don’t change, only the decision rules within them. This clearly struck a chord with @GregChase and it made me think I should write a slightly longer version of what [...]

Savvion BRMS – an update

Savvion has just updated their BPMS product and the business rules module they released last year (I reviewed the Savvion BRMS previously). Savvion sees various kind of rules as being necessary for process management – data-driven rules, event-driven rules, conditions in processes, data validation rules and form validation rules. Their vision is to make it [...]

SAP NetWeaver BPM reviewed

Sandy Kemsley has posted a long and detailed review of SAP Netweaver BPM on her blog. It sounds like they have done some good work integrating the Yasu rules engine. Obviously she has better luck getting people at SAP to brief her than I do! Hopefully one day I will have something to add on [...]

Intalio hosted a launch today to position themselves as The Enterprise Cloud Company. Intalio turns 10 years old this year. They remain a privately held company with 500 paying customers and have passed 50,000 deployed sites in 52 countries. 35 employees and 20 contractors across 14 offices worldwide. Customers cover all industries and business is [...]

I presented today on using business rules and decision management to make business processes smarter, simpler and more agile. Here are the slides: Using business rules to make processes simpler, smarter and more agile View more presentations from James Taylor.