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Three job openings today. Decision Management Solutions partner Technology Blue is looking for a couple of experienced Blaze Advisor resources for a project starting March 1: Senior Business Analyst: Full time resource with experience in business rule harvesting and analysis, process oriented, able to develop and implement processes, must be comfortable leading knowledge transfer and [...]

Lisa posted an interesting comment on an old post of mine (Why don’t you replace COBOL with something useful (not Java)) in which she make some interesting comments: I understand your last point that using a declarative “model” such business rules would be preferable to replace legacy COBOL applications instead of using a procedural language. [...]

The second full day of the Business Rules Forum/Enterprise Decision Management Summit is over and once again I have been taking notes rather than blogging live. Once again there were some great sessions – today I heard Steve Hendrick of IDC, Sandeep Gupta of Equifax, Chaitan Sharma of DAASL, Zach Springborn of OneData and Mo [...]

[amazonify]0470027215:right[/amazonify][amazonify]0470027215::text::::Business Rules Management and Service-Oriented Architecture by Ian Graeme[/amazonify] This is a fairly technical look at business rules, the technology of a business rules management system and patterns of using them. The book gives a fairly quick overview of SOA and then introduces business rules, both as an approach and as a class of technology. [...]

This week’s event calendar is below. The intent of this weekly post is to focus on web events coming in the next few weeks and conferences in the coming months. If you know about web or physical events around business rules, analytics, optimization or decision management, please let me know – james@decisionmanagementsolutions.com. Web Events: Silverlink: [...]

This week’s event calendar is below. The intent of this weekly post is to focus on web events coming in the next few weeks though I will start to add some longer term conference links. Anyone who knows about web or physical events around business rules, analytics, optimization or decision management, please let me know [...]

Back in March FICO released 6.7 of their BRMS Blaze Advisor. I got a chance to catch up with the release just recently. The focus of this release was the business user experience – an improved out of the box experience for business users. The business user experience has become increasingly critical as business users [...]

New Wisdom was founded in 2006 (as a spinoff of Lambert Consultants) to develop software for managing business source rules. The product, RuleGuideTM, is designed to capture metadata about the rules and to support discovery and analysis of rules in projects adopting a business rules management system (BRMS). They see this as about 65% of [...]

I got a comment recently from “Joe” who was too much of a coward to actually post his name, his email or to link to his own blog/site/twitter feed. You can read it on my post Here’s a couple of skills developers will need in the years ahead. His comment was so indicative of the [...]

First Look Blaze Advisor 6.6

Blaze Advisor 6.6 is an incremental release to Fair Isaac’s business rules management system that has just become available. As Fair Isaac has used the product more extensively as the basis for its decisioning applications its own experience has driven a variety of useful features and this, combined with the Blaze Advisor team’s usual focus [...]

Jim Sinur brought up an interesting point today when he blogged IBM, Microsoft, Oracle and SAP have bought Business Rule Technology. What’s up with that? The big players seem to be toying with business rules – there’s plenty of activity but not much understanding or commitment. SAP bought Yasu but until recently did not show [...]

Michele Edelman of Discover presented on Building Blocks of Decision Management: “Tools to Rule”. Michele spends a lot of time educating people inside Discover and her team use sources like McKinsey to show executives why EDM matters. For instance, a report on top 10 macro-economic trends: Centers of economic activity will shift profoundly not just [...]

Chubb has been working with Blaze Advisor to automate a number of decisions. They began with specialty lines underwriting (automated renewals), claims severity calculation and work queue assignment. Current focus is on integrating predictive models and some legacy modernization. The automated renewals project reduced the time to make renewal rule changes from 3-6 months of [...]

Risk Management at Sun

Risk management is necessary at Sun as new products are constantly being introduced. Each time there are challenges getting information out to people. Also find the same problem repeatedly in different geographies and were challenged to share information about problems and solutions between teams. By 2001 they found over 300 user developed applications supporting risk [...]

The folks at Fair Isaac pointed me to a new community they have just released – dmtools.fairisaac.com. I have not had much of a chance to check it out but it looks useful and I look forward to participating. One thing is new – you can download trial versions of Blaze Advisor. Have fun…

PMML – The Predictive Modeling Markup Language – is the primary XML format for describing predictive analytic models so that a modeling tool can share a model with either another modeling tool or, more usefully, with a deployment environment. The folks over at KDNuggets recently ran a poll asking their readers about their use of [...]

Wednesday begins with Antonio Paulo Conde from Citibank Brazil talking about an enterprise decision engine for originations in their retail bank.   Measuring and understanding the risk of new financial products is important and became more so as the sales teams gained more negotiation power. To address this Citibank used Blaze Advisor to build an [...]

Paul Daro was next giving some detail around the new architecture (introduced by Bernhard Nann). A number of trends were identified first: Clearly the move to a collection of services from monolithic applications has fundamentally changed the relationship of vendors to customers – now more about delivering services that can be fitted in to an [...]

Next up was Chris Collard of Dell talking about building a decision engine. Chris had done an implementation at Dell Financial Services and was sharing some of his experience with replicating that at Dell. Chris talks about decision engines as full decomposed applications – data, process and logic all externalized. Chris’ central thesis is Effective [...]

John Rymer and Mike Gualtieri of Forrester have just published the Business Rules Platforms Wave for 2008 (you can get it here as part of your Forrester subscription or for about $800). The folks at Forrester do a pretty thorough job of reviewing platforms for these Wave reports – actually getting vendors in to work [...]