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A/B Testing

On Monday I posted about Enterprise Application 2.0 and promised to return with some thoughts on how to get from Enterprise Application 1.0 to Enterprise Application 2.0. Let’s see: Expose core elements as services Identify and manage processes – hook up legacy and new services into new, more effective workflows Find and automate decisions using [...]

Two articles I saw recently (Is SOA Enabling Intelligent Agents? and Three Keys to Enabling Agile Business Services) made me think about decision services in the context of agility and of so-called “intelligent agents”. Clearly SOA, web 2.0 and network-centric…

Charlie Berger of Oracle presented on Powering Next-Generation Predictive Applications with Oracle Data Mining (ODM). Charlie joined Oracle from Thinking Machines about a decade ago and have been putting machine learning algorithms into the Oracle kernel. Data Mining, in database or otherwise, sifts through data to find hidden patterns, discover new insights and make predictions. [...]

Graham Hill wrote a piece on Evidence-based CRM that focused on evidence-based CRM programs and it made me think about evidence-based CRM processes. To me, evidence-based CRM means customer relationships, and thus customer treatments, that are based on evidence (data) and not judgment, hope, guesswork etc. It means making offers that you have evidence this [...]

Nina Shikaloff discussed an analytics technique that I had not heard of – Impact Modeling. Impact Modeling is a decision modeling technique. Decisions on acquiring customers – what to offer for instance – managing customers and handling difficult customers are all important and it can be tricky to identify better ones. Impact modeling is about [...]

When I talk to folks about decision management they sometimes seem intimidated by the complexity of the problem and the sophistication of organizations that have invested heavily in the approach. Here, then, are some thoughts to help you get started. Begin – even if the first version is not perfect or even close. Automate the [...]