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The AI Playbook – A new book


There’s huge potential in AI, yet far too many AI projects fail to deliver meaningful business value. The technology works, the team has skills, the data is available – and yet it never comes together. To address this critical issue, Eric Siegel has just published The AI Playbook: Mastering the Rare Art of Machine Learning Deployment. In The AI Playbook, Eric has distilled years of experience and a ton of great advice into an easy-to-follow roadmap for success.

Even before its release, the book hit the #1 slot on Amazon’s top 100 Hot New Releases in Technology. Fast Company said “An antidote to overheated rhetoric of all-powerful AI… helpfully lays out the key steps to deploying the technology we’re now all obsessed with.” while The Forecast said it “Separates AI fact from AI fantasy.”

Eric’s approach – BizML – puts deployment and business value at the heart of machine learning and artificial intelligence projects.  Like Eric, I see a focus on the business problem – what I call the decision and Eric calls the deployment goal – as the essential first step. We’re also both big believers in making sure you deploy the model into business operations and focus on continuous improvement. Eric’s book does a great job of outlining where these steps fit and illustrates the whole with some compelling story. If you’re interested, there’s more information, including a nice cheat sheet for the approach at http://www.bizML.com but you should really just buy the book.