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Webinar: Use machine learning predictions with decisions to improve your business outcomes


Our friends at IBM are running ran a webinar on May 9 that is a great opportunity to see decision automation in action:

As expectation grows for faster and more personalized digital experiences, business decisions are increasingly important – and often more complex. Intelligent decisions that fuse predictions and policies can deliver more effective decisions that help every element of your businesses run more smoothly. Join us for an insightful webinar that explores this new domain:

  • Why intelligent decisions
  • Anatomy of intelligent decisions
  • Examples of intelligent decisions by industry
  • How you can build intelligent decisions

Register to join here and get your calendar invite

Watch the On-Demand Webinar Today

The slides are available to download below and please share any of your questions here.

I worked on a paper for IBM called “Operationalizing AI: Beyond AI Pilots with Digital Decisioning” on the same topic. This is very much top of mind with our customers these days – how do they use a rules-based decision platform to effectively operationalize advanced machine learning and AI models.

Check out the paper and the webinar!