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Insurers: Where do you see digital transformation making the biggest impact on your business?


Over the years, Decision Management Solutions has helped many leading insurance businesses modernize. We’ve helped them radically improve their claims handling, driving high rates of straight through processing with less fraud and less waste. We’ve helped them improve their top line sales numbers with automated cross-sell/up-sell, Next Best Offer or Next Best Action systems. We’ve worked with their agents and agency management teams to improve the productivity and effectiveness of their agents, both tied and independent. Plus a whole variety of other projects from pricing and underwriting to maturity, prospecting, digital channel support and more.

In every case we’ve helped insurers with their #digitaltransformation by applying business rules, machine learning, predictive analytics and other artificial intelligence technologies using our DecisionsFirstTM approach.

We have our opinion about which of these is the best place to apply digital decisioning technology but I’d really like to know what you think too. Where do you see digital decisioning and digital transformation making the biggest impact on your business? Let us know by voting on our LinkedIn Poll.

Thanks! And, as always, drop me a line if you have questions about how you can succeed with digital decisioning.