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Digital Decisioning Book Now Available in Japanese


Today’s businesses are heavily digitized and must be structured so that while interacting through digital channels, the value gained from customer experience between humans and digital touchpoints can be handled seamlessly and effectively. As a result, the line between business and technology is gradually blurring. In addition, most organizations still face many challenges with the agility, flexibility, and customer-driven focus of business systems and processes needed to support new digital business models.

By fusing business and technology in the digital age, the automation of digitized decision making or Digital Decisioning integrates analysis methods that go beyond data-driven to integrate data with predictive analytics and support for AI applications. The approach in the book is described to be easily understandable for business professionals with examples.

As one of those who have worked in the field of rule-based AI for many years, James Taylor’s approach includes easy-to-understand, rule-based AI, integration with analysis methods, sophistication added by machine learning AI, and a continuous improvement loop. Please read it and use it as a reference book for system planning, development, and use.

eBook available at: http://www.contendo.jp/dd

Download the book summary flyer in Japanese here.