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Machine Learning Week 2021 Call for Speakers


The team at Machine Learning Week/Predictive Analytics World has announced the schedule for 2021 (virtual conference, May 24-28, 2021) and issued their call for speakers. This is a great conference and will be a great opportunity to present. As always those with case studies and real experience will be particularly welcome!

I will once again be chairing a business-oriented track focused on operationalization of models, business management of machine learning and best practices for extracting real business value from machine learning, AI and predictive analytics. So if you’d like to talk about THOSE issues, I’d really like you to apply! Feel free to reach out to me directly with questions but I encourage you to apply.

Topics you might think about presenting on:

  • Success stories on how you build analytic models that added real business value
  • Horror stories on how to build models that don’t add value
  • Project management approaches to engage the business and IT in analytic projects
  • What other technology you use besides your favorite ML/analytic workbench and why it helps you get to production
  • What you’ve learned about hiring, developing and training analytic talent
  • How your company learns and improves when it comes to machine learning and analytics – communities, wikis etc.
  • Rollout best (and worst) practices
  • Experience with ML Ops and other operationalization steps

Plus of course anything around best practices and experience actually building the models is always welcome!

Deadline is November 6, 2020! Sign up here.