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Analytic Enterprises: Three Critical Success Factors


Working with companies that are investing in becoming analytic enterprises, we have determined that there are three critical success factors. Whether you are focused on business analytics, data mining, predictive analytics, machine learning, artificial intelligence, or all of the above, these factors will be critical. Check out these videos that talk about them:

  1. Analytic Enterprises Put Business Decisions First
    The first critical success factor for analytic enterprises is keeping the focus on business results by beginning (and ending) with business decisions, not analytic technology. https://youtu.be/DQ9GHSOxd9s
  2. Analytic Enterprises Predict, Prescribe, and Decide
    The second critical success factor for becoming an analytic enterprise is moving beyond reporting and analysis of the past to prediction and action by using more advanced analytics to predict, prescribe, and decide. https://youtu.be/2128C4p8wVM
  3. Analytic Enterprises Learn, Adapt and Improve
    The third critical success factor for becoming an analytic enterprise is recognizing that applying analytics is not a one-time exercise, and focusing on how to use analytics to learn, adapt, and continuously improve. https://youtu.be/rlnNtk9bSyc

And if you enjoy the videos, check out our white paper on building an Analytic Enterprise.