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New Gartner Paper on Decision Management Suites


The Decision Management team at Gartner (Rob Dunie , Roy Schulte, Derek Miers , Pieter den Hamer , Paul Vincent , Marc Kerremans and Erick Brethenoux ) have recently published a new paper entitled “Should Your Project Use a Decision Management Suite?” [Gartner subscription required].

It’s a great paper and I strongly recommend it if you have access. The quotes below are from the public page with a few additional notes from me. If this is a topic that interests you, check out the Decision Management Systems Platform Technology Report.

Decision management suites are very useful for implementing software that makes business decisions, although other products are sometimes better — depending on your business requirements. Data and analytics leaders should consider the issues highlighted when selecting tools for decision making.

Key here is the focus on data and analytics leaders – Decision Management and Digital Decisioning are essential components in an analytics strategy.

Use Decision Management Suites to Automate or Augment Operational Decisions

The focus on operational decisions – decisions about a single transaction – are central. There’s a whole set of use cases in the Report.

Use ML, Stream Analytics, Optimization or Other AI Techniques for Decisions That Require Runtime Analytics

I would note here, as I do in my new book on Digital Decisioning, that these advanced analytic techniques are best injected into real-time or runtime environments using decision management tools and techniques.

Book Cover

Decision Management is a proven approach for delivering Digital Decisioning and injecting machine learning and other AI techniques into your operational systems. Check out the new book for more details and a set of best practices and advice on how to get Decision Management done.