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New Digital Decisioning Book


Digital Decisioning: Using Decision Management to Deliver Business Value from AI

Book Cover

There is an artificial intelligence (AI) revolution underway in enterprises across the globe as companies continue to adopt predictive analytics, machine learning and other AI across their businesses. This revolution puts managers and executives under enormous pressure to use AI to run their businesses more effectively. How do they do this? Will people lose their jobs?  Most importantly, how will they become beneficiaries rather than victims of this new AI economy?

Digital Decisioning unlocks the business value of AI. This new book is based on dozens of successful projects around the world and is a completely revised version of my established and popular book from 2012. It is a practical how-to guide, aimed at managers, not technical teams, and it will focus your efforts to apply machine learning and AI. It includes many real stories of real implementations, real companies, showing what can be done with Digital Decisioning. 

I am excited about the new book – we got some great pre-release reviews, Tom Davenport and Eric Siegel wrote forewords for it, and it’s just 200 pages! I hope you will enjoy it and please get in touch if you have comments or feedback.

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