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IBM Event: Change the game, winning with AI Kick Off


IBM is hosting an event on its AI strategy.

Rob Thomas kicked off by asserting that all companies need an AI strategy and that getting success out of AI – 81% of projects fail due to data problems – involves a ladder of technology with data at the bottom and AI at the top. It’s also true that many AI projects are “boring”, automating important but unsexy tasks, but Rob points out that this builds ROI and positions you for success.

To deliver AI, IBM has the Watson stack – Watson ML for model execution, Watson Studio to build models (now incorporating Data Science Experience DSX and SPSS Modeler), APIs and packaged capabilities. The business value, however, comes from applications – mostly those developed by customers. And this remains IBM focus – how to get customers to succeed with AI applications.

Getting Watson and AI embedded into all their applications, and instrumenting their applications to provide data to Watson, is a long term strategy for IBM.

Time for the first session.